So often we prevent ourselves from becoming GREAT, due to our fear of the unknown. My mission with Godly Villains, is to help FREE YOUR MIND. The evolution of consciousness is a revolution against fear. I am working in the dark, to serve the light. My goal is to rehabilitate fallen angels & establish a bridge between the realms of light and darkness. I used to pray every night, until I realized I was talking to myself. I went through years of indoctrination, being forced to memorize false idols in religion class. I'm not here to push my beliefs onto anyone, but more so - i'm trying to show you a path to true freedom. What if everything we were ever taught, was just a piece of the puzzle in an elaboration game meant to keep you trapped in a looping holographic reality matrix...? What if aliens were angels and demons? What if humans were the result of experiments with DNA manipulation by the means of alien hybridization? OR BETTER YET - what if everything I just mentioned is made up, and our only purpose on Earth is to be good citizens, pay our taxes, and die - in the hopes of reuniting with dead familiars in a place filled with fluffy clouds? THEY LIED TO YOU. They lied to me. When I discovered the truth, I was angry - but - more importantly, I felt empowered. I started to own the fact that I had the ability to summon these 'angels' for guidance and help. 

Marble Surface