The  Concept


What is your concept and who is going to come up with it? Some video production companies have their own in-house creative services departments, with a team of writers, directors, and designers who can develop and storyboard several creative options for you to choose from. Obviously that costs money.


Some artists already know what they want conceptually, and just need help translating their vision into a motion picture. Either way, a great music video starts with a great idea. If you can’t come up with a dynamite concept on your own, you’d better hire someone who can.

Location & Props


These items determine the look of your video, and their importance cannot be understated in terms of the overall impact of the final product. Good locations can be pricey – and often require existing relationships. Even free locations generally end up costing some money. Some music videos are shot in literally dozens of locations. Props and wardrobe, plus the prop masters and stylists who put it all together, are essential in creating a video with a cohesive and stylized look. Do you want your music video to look like a Hollywood movie? No problem, if you’ve got the budget for it.


Editing & Post


Editing costs are determined by factors like the complexity of the concept, the need for special effects, the number of cameras, lighting design, the amount of footage shot, and continuity issues. The post-production phase of a music video can range from a few days up to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Typical turn around time for projects we produce is 5-7 business days. A well-planned music video can be shot in as little as a day or two. Larger-scale productions often take a week or more.


  • 2015 - Caskey Concert (YMCMB Records)

Q: How much does video production cost?

A: On average, video production costs between $700 and $1200 nationwide. Cost is based on a few factors, including the total run time of the video, the number of cameras required, location and graphics. Starting base rate for jobs with one camera, one shooter, existing light and no set dressing: $250. Pre-production and post-production graphics work and all other production time: $50/hour. Video rights for upload is an additional $150.

Q: How is pricing calculated?

A: National average for film production costs can be broken down into three standard packages based on finished run time & shooting time. All of these packages include full editing services, basic motion graphics, concept video treatment & script, on-location up to 75 miles or in-studio shoot & video formatting to prepare for upload.


Q: What does the budget include?

A: Music video production budgets typically cover concept development, storyboards, pre-production, casting, on-camera talent, choreography, rehearsals, location fees, props, costumes, production equipment, production crew, post-production, editing, motion graphics, visual effects, color correction, video encoding, and digital delivery.

Q: How much do videos I see on TV usually cost? (mtv, bet, vh1)

A: The total cost to produce a professional music video can range from $20,000 to $500,000 and up. There are a handful of music videos each year in the seven-figure budget range, but those are exceptions in the overall market. If your budget is on the lower end of this range, you’ll need to forego fancy visual effects, expensive locations and all the bells and whistles that big dollars can buy. 

$20,000 for ONE video ??

Q: What are some examples of industry videos that cost $20,000 and up?

A: Production Cost $25,000 = Foster The People - Pumped up Kicks (watch the video here)

A: Production Cost $35,000 = Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (watch the video here)

A: Production Cost $45,000 = Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (watch the video here)

A: Production Cost $60,000 = Finatticz - Dont Drop That Thun Thun (watch the video here)

A: Production Cost $100,000 = Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop (watch the video here)

A: Production Cost $150,000 = Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie (watch the video here)

A: Production Cost $200,000 = Skrillex - Bangarang (watch the video here)

A: Production Cost $300,000 = Katy Perry - Part of Me (watch the video here)

A: Production Cost $500,000 = Lady Gaga - Born This Way (watch the video here)

This is why videos are impossible to produce without an actual budget. If you have less than $1000.00 to produce your film, the Independent Filmmaker has to play multiple roles at once.

One person is the Director, Camera Operator, Director of Photography (lighting) & Editor.

Think about that... Instead of paying 4 people, you're only paying 1, who has to do the job of all four.

So.. You Want A Music Video?


i.RainMan Agency Corporate HQ (Warrenville, IL)

Having been in the music video production business for many years, I have a standard set of questions I always ask:

1. Can I hear the track?

2. Do you have a concept in mind?

3. What's your budget?

These questions allow me to fully understand what and who we are dealing with. The music video budget dictates nearly every facet of the production and post production process. Without one, we can't clearly lay out a plan to produce a successful video because we don't know what tools we'll have at our disposal.


If you have your heart set on a $100,000 concept and you only have $100.00 we're not going to move forward. We want to hit home runs with every project we produce, not just collect checks.



  • 1920 x 1080 Video

  • 8 Hours On Set Filming

  • 48 Hours Post Production

  • 6-12 Scenes + 2 Locations

  • $300 Deposit Required


If you think you're ready to film a project, click the button to the left and make payment. Once your deposit is processed and received our team will contact you for a consultation about the video. We'll reserve a day / time for your session & begin working on the story board and script.


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