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Spooky Season

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Today's the 26th in my current timeline and this post is dated Sept 26th! That means for the first time in weeks, I'm writing on schedule again! Whenever I fall behind, it's an indicator that my work flow is triple stacked. So being able to post an article on time, means i'm finally caught up on work! This is a rare event, like a solar eclipse, lol.

Coincidentally, once this article goes live, it'll mark exactly 400 published articles on this current online server for, The Robot Panda. It's been a CRAZY ride since 2009. Side note, check out the image above, look at the photo in bottom left. Sunlight was coming through the window in a peak hole I cut out, but for some reason, it was displaying a crazy pattern on the wall. Looks like a metaphysical entity.

I didn't know if I was going to tint the headlights on the Jag, but after a couple of days - i figured - lets do it! I gathered all the materials and prepped the area. I used VHT lens tint, and put on about 3 heavy coats. The temperature started to drop and I could tell it was about to rain. I rushed the clear coat phase, but in the end it still came out really awesome! Honestly it's a bit darker than I anticipated since I put on an extra layer.

I'll have to buy and install some bright l.e.d. headlamp bulbs soon to get ready for the fall and winter nights. Even with the foglights on, if i'm driving down a poorly lit street, it's kinda dark. I also drove the jag in the rain for the first time, and it handled like a beast! Traction control warning signs didn't fire off a single time during the whole ride.

At the warehouse, I've been finalizing some documents for an upcoming event at Benito Juarez Highschool. The owner of CAR was able to get a table reserved for a Workers Trade Fair the school was hosting. The goal was to get some seniors to take advantage of an opportunity to sign up to a detailing course.

My caffeine intake has been a bit on the higher side. I also have been taking an extra smart pill here and there on top of the normal dose. The by product though, is massive amounts of progress! I've been reminding myself to take photos routinely, for these website articles. I have some ideas to keep in mind for the next few weeks.

With the headlights tinted and black curtain installed in the rear, I'm thinking of what to do next. I've been watching a bunch of videos on youtube of different window tint shades. I'm pretty sure i'm going to do 20% all the way around. I have to bookmark hand car washes in the area so I ahve places to go to. I recently went to an automatic drive through carwash and I think I found 2 small new scratches.

It could be that maybe I just didn't see them before. Either way, I can't wait to buff the jag and really bring the paint back to life! The paint color is called, "Sea Frost Metallic".

In the photo above you can see what the table looked like at the event! There were about 18 different tables set up from various companies. Since it was the highschools first event like that, the turn out was on the smaller side. Regardless, alot of great connections were made and we had a handful of students sign up for the free class!

I found some time to drive back out to food for less. There's a few things that I like getting from there, but I don't like going to the one by me. So - having to go to one a bit further away is the perfect excuse to jump in the jag and go for a drive, lol. I like trying to keep my cart under 15 items, so I can check myself out, and walk right out of the door after.

The photo below, makes me want to stop typing - to dig into the fridge, lol. Pear filled mini pies, on top of a waffle, surrounded with ice cream and whip cream. Topped with chocolate syrup and a cherry! I just scrolled down and realized this is the last paragraph for me to write. It's about to be 12:25pm and I think making one of these before a shower and bed is perfect! Lol.

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