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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

An anti-hero is a central character who lacks traditional heroic characteristics; they may have redeemable qualities or good intentions, but their actions are flawed and occasionally violent. They offer a critique of social morals and reality. To scholars, an antihero is inherently a hero from a specific point of view, and a villain from another.

I've got a theory that this whole world we live in, is just an advanced simulation. If that were true, our lives would be a reality show, being watched by inter-dimensional entities. To make the show interesting, the main character would undergo, "the hero's journey". Below I attached a photo. Where are YOU, on this path of facing the shadow self?

This website is home to our magazine & online show. We feature Artists, Athletes, Models, Musicians & Brands. Over the past 13 years, Panda has covered hundreds of events, dozens of concerts, & produced films that generated millions of views.

I take behind the scenes photos throughout the week and feature them in articles, every Monday. Follow along as I work towards brining my business plans to life! I have spent the last 10+ years, cultivating my international audience. Robot Panda has 142k International Users who have generated over half a million page views!

Here is a look behind the scenes,

this week at Villain HQ!

Godly Villains is a Consulting Agency that helps clients with Branding, Marketing & Social Media Management. Our mission is to help you build & grow your empire by turning your passion into profit. Unlock your full potential by learning forbidden knowledge in the Super Villain School.

We were taught how to survive, not to thrive. To survive means to continue to live or exist in spite of danger, whereas to thrive means to grow, develop and prosper. Join us, and turn your passion into profit.

Discover your soul mission & learn how to apply esoteric knowledge to modify your reality. Take our psychology test to determine if you are an Evil Mastermind, Anti-Hero, Tragic Hero, or True Hero. Your journey begins here.

"The best kept secrets are the keys that unlock the universe"


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