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Galactic Governments

Galactic Federation: is an organization which was created to deal with important matters in the universe. It’s made up of civilizations from different planets, galaxies and universes that are working together for the harmonious existence of all life.

Before humans were engineered on Earth, there was a Great Galactic War that was fought in the Lyra Constellation. The survivors decided that they must establish a way to handle disputes and the first Galactic Federation was created. The concept of God and the Devil are pretty well known, but their true identities have remained a mystery for thousands of years. It’s safe to say that the early civilizations may have seen the Anunnaki as gods. In my opinion, being a part of an ancient race with advanced technology doesn’t make you god. It just means you had more time to evolve and level up in this game called life. I was searching for the God that answered to no one. I wanted to meet the grand architect of everything in this universe. Who did the Anunnaki aliens have to answer to? Who were their gods? In order to understand the governing forces of the invisible realm some call heaven, where better to look than down here on earth. The old saying, "As above so below" can be used to get an idea of how these entities may operate. Here in the United States, we have a government that consists of multiple branches. There are councils, board members and public officials with varying degrees of rank. The same goes for these ancient alien races.

Lo and Ke have been major roles in my conscious evolution. Ever since the slash marks appeared on my arm I began developing an internal radar that leads me to information. I refer to them as 'cosmic downloads'. After taking nootropics for some time now, my brain seems to have rewired itself. I began to ask the right questions which led me to the answers I was looking for. When I start downloading this information from the universe's database, I scribble down notes. Before I know it, I have pages of information in front of me. Sometimes this download happens in the span of fifteen to thirty minutes. Other times, the downloading sessions can last up to twelve hours. Below, is a birds-eye view of the various organizations that have a role in the evolution of humanity. Learning about these councils will help you understand the nature of the 'Human Experiment'.


· Andromedan Council – Our Guardians

· Elohim Council – Ancient Gods

· Confederation of Planets – Hive Mind

· Zendar Council – The Watchers

· Thuben Council - The Gatekeepers

The Andromedan Council consists of 133 representatives of various planetary systems and races. It has operated for thousands of years under a very strict code and guideline for conduct. They don't believe humans on Earth would benefit from them stepping in and attempting to 'save' us. Instead, they believe that we should work on our own ascension by seeking out the truth and realigning our core values.

They devised a plan to send cosmic spies into the earth, disguised as regular humans to help awaken the masses. Entities from this council have been working with humanity very closely, but at the same time keeping their distance to not break any of the laws they created. The star systems and planets part of this council are listed below.

1. Arcturus - Planet: Pitolla

2. Antares - Planet: Nikotae

3. M103 - Planet: Legola

4. Procyon - Planet: Kaena

5. Vega - Planet: Percula

6. Capella - Planet: Pershea

7. Polaris - Planet: Ventra

8. Sirius A - Planet: Toleka

9. Deneb - Planet: Ritol

10. Tau Ceti - Planet: Xeta

11. Alhena - Planet: Degaroth

12. Betelgeuse - Planet: Etorth

The Elohim Council is made up of 12 demi-gods who are of Anunnaki / Sirian lineage. They are mentioned in the bible, "...sons of Heaven working with YHWH to supervise the creation and regeneration of the lower world." (Job 38:3-7)

The sons of Heaven are referring to the Sirian Alliance, who have created and maintained the lower world, which is third dimension Earth. Enki technically would be our god since he was in charge of the genetic engineering of homo-sapiens. Anu would be our god's, god - since he is Enki's father. Then the next question would be who created Anu and who created them? This line of questioning could continue for ages. The twelve deities that make up this council are...

  1. Anu (Father of Enki, Enlil and Inanna)

  2. Enki (god of water and knowledge)

  3. Enlil (god of earth, wind and storms)

  4. Inanna (later known as Ishtar)

  5. Ninhursag (Enki's Wife)

  6. Utu (Enki's Son)

  7. Marduk (Enki's Son)

  8. Ishkur (god of rain and thunderstorms)

  9. Ninurta (Enlil's Son)

  10. Nergal (god of death, and destruction)

  11. Ningishzidda (god of the underworld)

  12. Nannar (god of the moon and wisdom)

The Confederation of Planets can be seen as a potential outcome of the evolution of Humans. If in the distant future we begin to upload our minds into machines, there is a possibility we may become a "Hive-Mind-Complex". The only way a star system or planet can join this council is that they must be a collective of beings referred to as a "Social Memory Complex" or "Consciousness Complex".

This means that all the beings on that planet have merged their minds into one unit. Think of bee's in a beehive. They all answer to the queen. They are drones, essentially robots without their own personal plan for further spiritual development. This Confederation consists of 53 civilizations and about 500 planetary consciousness complexes.

The Zendar Council is in charge of our solar system. They’re considered "the watchers". Before anyone can land on a planet including Earth, they must first get permission by this council. They decide who is allowed to enter Earth's atmosphere. They placed our planet on Quarantine, preventing a mass alien sighting. This council is stationed in two places. The first is in the 8th dimension which is in the rings of Saturn.

The second location is in the center of the Earth in an underground city named Agartha. Some of the entities on this council were the Anunnaki who decided to stay during the flood a few thousand years ago. Enlil's son, Ninurta is in charge of opening the vortex on our side of the solar system that allows us to exit this matrix and enter the void. They are preventing anything from our side, from entering the 9th dimension.

The most powerful group I could find was, The Council of Thuban. They are the oldest council in the Milky Way Galaxy and reside in the 12th Dimension which is outside of the physical universe. They refer to themselves as "the good dragons". Thuben is a star system in the Draconis constellation called "Alpha Draconis". They take credit for the early seeding of our planet and are the ones who inserted the reptilian cortex into our mammal brains. They serve the one true creator of all. Their current mission is to continue to genetically manipulate Homo sapiens into becoming dragonized "star-humans" to help us access the 5th Dimension. The Thuban council says that they are us in the future. They explain that the whole universe consists of only humans in different stages of development. They warn of some alien species commonly known as "The Grays". These aliens are here to steal our DNA in order to regain their emotionality and personalities. The Greys are us, from the future who evolved on an alternate timeline. The humans from their past suffered from nuclear fallout and transferred their consciousness into machines. They lost their ability to function as free souls as their race was assimilated into a Hive Complex and joined the Confederation of Planets.

I know that a lot of this may be a bit hard to digest. It’s a vast amount of information coming at you all at once. It also doesn’t help that you’ve never heard of any of these councils before. Remember that game I mentioned you to picture? (Page 133) Processing this information activates dormant sections of your brain, bringing you one step closer to your cosmic birthright. In order for humanity to evolve, we must first understand that there are governing forces that have been in place thousands of years before our creation. This game was designed to keep you blind from the truth. Learning this information is like having a blueprint of the different levels. When I first learned about the various councils I became interested on how I could make contact with them. I also wondered if they had been watching me like Solomon. I wanted to know if they would be willing to help me carry out my mission. I was curious if there was something that they needed, that I could possibly offer in return for help. I was looking for a way to make contact.


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