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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

We live in an age where keystrokes can make packages appear at your door. What a time to be alive. Motivated to keep the momentum going, I put in another round of equipment upgrades. I've been investing in my ideas heavily for the past few months. That's another reason I went ghost. They say don't make noise until it's time to say Checkmate. The best feeling is marking items complete on a checklist. That feeling of accomplishment surges through your body, motivating you to repeat the process. When you turn your to-do list into a game, life becomes your number one source of entertainment.

On my way home from the office, I got lost in thought with the cruise control locked at 80. I glanced down at my phone to check the GPS to see how far my exit was. With the eway being empty, I was semi confused, used to all the traffic lately. The name on the sign didn't look familiar even though I've taken this route, possibly hundreds of times. The instant thought I had was, "I've been cloned and implanted into this reality, that's why this isn't familiar". As I laughed at the idea, I missed the exit and was forced to take a detour home.

The detour seemed more familiar then the correct route. A sense overcame me as if I was meant to miss my exit. I rolled the windows down and lit a cigarette, a Marlboro light - 100. "What's on the to-do list panda.. What do we have to figure out.." As I drove through a back road I looked around and realized how 'interesting' the surroundings looked. Giant clouds filled the sky from the factories under them. As my car floated over the pavement, I was reminded to tell myself that I was blessed.

I had a vision of a time when I was 18, parked on the side of the road in a setting similar to the one in front of me. I was taking a picture of my first car, using the factories and smoke as a background. An industrial vibe to fit my post-millennium revolution. Autopilot. I drove home in Autopilot. I put my briefcase down and set my backpack on my bed. Two packages waiting to be opened like it was Christmas all over again. My L.E.D. light and stand came in! A portable light source for the photo and film work I have planned. It came with a few filters, so I threw one on to test the gear.

The other package I got was for a portable air compressor. I had replaced two tires on the Lexus over the weekend. I'm pretty sure one of my rims is dented causing a slow leak. So even though I have a brand new tire, it still goes flat after 2-ish days. Coincidentally the car I was photographing when I was 18, also had the same problem with the rim. Funny how history repeats itself.

What if history repeats itself because all time co-exists simultaneously. This causes similar events to happen in split timelines. Example, the 18-year-old version of myself dented a rim at the same moment that 28-year-old version of myself lives the same experience. The trick now is to manufacture the event that happens when I'm 38. Maybe I'll be fixing a dented rim on my Ferrari? Is this the secret to time-travel? Coherence in consciousness? The reason I want the creator to turn me immortal is so I can have the opportunity to master time-travel... Checkmate?

live from the battlefield,



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