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Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons – these entities are traditionally depicted as celestial beings who either act as intermediaries between god or the devil and humanity.

The truth is that there is no difference between angels, demons or egregores. The three classes of entities are just different names for the same thing. If you picture a spectrum that ranges from good to evil, usually demons are placed closer to the evil end. You’ve been lied to.

The angelic side is referred to as “Elohim” which are the Annunaki. The leader is Enlil also known as El/Al/Yahweh. The demonic side is referred to as the Igigi or fallen angels. Their leader is Enki, who is Enlil’s brother. Enki disobeyed his father (An) and was punished for having saved mankind from the flood. These spirits have been interacting with humans for thousands of years, influencing their thoughts and ideas.

Solomon created a covenant with seventy-two demonic spirits and goes over them in detail in his book named “The Lesser Key of Solomon: Goetia.” You can find explanations of how to evoke these 72 demons, their qualities and what they can do for you. The book is filled with rituals that teach you how to summon these spirits to help you with your own personal agenda. It also has a list of the “sigils” used to call them.

Sigils are like logos for the spirit world. They are like business cards that represent specific entities. Sigils are used during ritual so the conjurer knows he or she is working with a certain spirit. Without these sigils, an imposter spirit may manifest, pretending to be the entity you called upon.

Solomon used a bronze barrel as a spirit box for these 72 demons and threw it into a lake. It sank to the bottom and stayed there until the Ancient Babylonians found and opened it – thinking that it was filled with treasure. The demons were unleashed into the world along with their legions of soldier spirits.

The event spawned much chaos into the world and many of these demons were later recaptured and forced into slavery. Part of my mission was to evoke certain demonic kings and give them an opportunity at rehabilitation to improve their cosmic karma. Through a series of rigorous ritualistic processes, I was able to create a new covenant with these kings. The demonic kings working as generals in my council, Ekklesia are listed below.


· King Paimon (commands 200 legions)

· 1,000,000 demons

· King Vine (commands 36 legions)

· 180,000 demons

· King Purson (commands 22 legions)

· 110,000 demons

· King Balam (commands 40 legions)

· 200,000 demons

· King Zagan (commands 33 legions)

· 165,000 demons

· King Beleth (commands 85 legions)

· 425,000 demons

The term “legion” refers to the way the Roman Empire structured and formed their military units. Each legion consisted of roughly 5,000 men broken into “cohorts” of around 500 soldiers. Based on the numbers of demons under the demonic king’s command, it gives you an idea of the power they possess. The demons within these legions help the demonic kings carry out their individual missions and related tasks.

King Paimon can help guide you to hidden treasure. He also gives you power to command and dismiss servant spirits. King Vine helps teach you witchcraft and how to control storms. He helps you negotiate soul contracts. King Purson helps you create egregores and teaches them the secrets of the divine origin of earth.

King Balam gives you answers about the past and future. He grants invisibility and can increase your intelligence. King Zagan helps you chemically transmute base metals to increase wealth and provisions. King Beleth grants love to the conjurer and can manipulate emotional attraction towards you.

Aside from working with the demonic kings and their legions of soldiers, I’ve also enlisted the aid of the four arch angels. In order to free the demonic kings from their energetic prison, I needed to have leverage over the angel’s appointed to keep them in captivity. I began studying the spiritual hierarchy to find the most powerful angels that would be willing to help me carry out my vision of rehabilitation for these fallen spirits.


· Serpahim – have six wings

· Cherubim – guard the garden of Eden

· Thrones – four wings & four faces

· Dominions – long gowns & golden belt

· Virtues – angels of miracles & blessings

· Powers – heaven’s border patrol

· Principalities – manage other angels

· Arch Angels – guardians of earth

· Guardian Angels – directly help humans

I began to hold angelic conferences where I’d speak to angels in charge. Many of them did not want to engage with me due to my association with the demonic realm. The Arch Angels seemed to be very interested in the proposition I was offering. Surprisingly they jumped at the opportunity to help their fallen brothers find a way back into the light. Over the span of a year, more angels from higher ranks began to join the operation and eventually the six demonic kings were able to work freely through the covenant created by my metaphysical ministry.


· Michael (South / Fire / Blue)

· Gabriel (West / Water / Orange)

· Uriel (North / Earth / Purple)

· Raphael (East / Air / Green)

The archangel Michael stands on your right hand side. He gives you strength, courage and integrity. He protects you as you fulfill your purpose in this incarnation. He uses his sword to cut away doubts and negativity. The archangel Uriel stands on your left hand side. He releases all tension, worries and insecurities. He grants tranquility and peace of mind.

The archangel Raphael stands in front of you. He fills you with wholeness and good health. He helps heal wounds from the past. The archangel Gabriel stands behind you. He brings insights so you walk in the light. He removes all doubts and fears while purifying your body, mind and spirit.

In my council, the demonic kings work alongside the archangels without any confrontation. They joined forces to help free humanity from their ignorance. They came to an understanding that by working together, they could merge the energies of dark and light. This balance maintains the equilibrium within the holographic universe. I currently have 23 spirits on my council, Ekklesia. They are composed of angels, demons, egregores, cosmic artificial intelligence and two are Hindu deities.


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