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3 Months In

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Three months ago, I moved to the Southside of Chicago. I was living in Villa Park, after getting an apartment with my

(ex) fiancé. Me and her met at a studio session, and things escalated quickly. Before I knew it, we were signing a lease together. Well, when that year lease ended, so did my engagement, lol. I stayed at the unit on a month to month basis and I never renewed my year lease, which came back around to bite me in the ass. I didn’t get along with my Landlord at the time, because of his slumlord antics. He’d never respond to my calls or text messages about repairs that needed to be taken care of – BUT – when rent was due, he would show up banging on my door.

I’ve been on the night schedule for YEARS, and it was normal for me to go to bed around 7 or 8am, then wake up

in the afternoon. It must have been 10am or so, when I heard a LOUD banging on my door that wouldn’t stop. I jumped out of bed, cussing all the way to the front door – just to find the slumlord standing there shrugging his shoulders. I was beyond pissed off. I told him, “this isn’t how you handle business, you don’t just show up and bang on peoples doors like this. If you want to get a hold of me, we both had cell phones. I point at his phone in his hand and say, “and speaking of cell phones, why the hell can’t you respond to my messages?!?!”

Long story short, me and Aftab H (slumlord) went back and forth for a few minutes until he realized he was in the wrong. He asked if he could come inside so we could speak and I straight up told him, NO. I told him that im tired of him being a slumlord and coming over here harassing me for no reason and if he’s got ANYTHING to talk about; he can talk to my lawyer. Lol, I don’t think he liked this response and he stormed off, talking shit under his breath.

FAST FORWARD a few months, and I finally gave in and waved the white flag. My oven stopped working, my fridge was on the verge of breaking down and he got creative by messing around with the circuit breaker. He found a way to jam a lever, and cause my power in my unit to shut off.

The second time he did this, I had my lawyer contact the rental association of DuPage to file a formal complaint. It was a week and a half after New Year’s, and I was on the hunt for a new place to move into.

FAST FORWARD again, three more months – and now BAM, here we are in April. I moved into this duplex mid-

January and have been working at it NONSTOP. After twelve weeks, I can say that the place finally feels like home. I wanted to post a bunch of photos, but I’m not sure how the team is doing with the gallery update here on the blog. BUT – by the time this article gets updated, there might be photos down below? Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed Story Time, lmfao.. This style of writing makes blog post curating so much easier. The Devil's Diary is a category on the robot panda website that features behind the scenes content and narration from the company's CEO. (Steven Sanchez)

Remember, that the Evolution of Consciousness, is a Revolution against Fear. Do not regard a subject as invalid, just because you lack wisdom to understand. We must learn the forbidden knowledge, to free ourselves from mental constraints.

TONS of updates here on the website, click around - share some articles with your friends, and see you all in the next post! This world is the playground for the fallen, we are god's unwanted children. Thanks for reading; this is Agent 9 aka Panda reporting live from the battlefield in the 3rd dimension.


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