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Demonic Kings of Hell

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Sometimes I write articles extremely quick, then come back to them over the next few days. If you ever read an article - please make it a habit to check back often to the most current version. I've been evolving at an increasing rate. I've been successfully taking nootropics for a year and a half now. Knowledge from the galaxy is easier to mentally download and retain. I've been on a journey to recreate the philosophers stone and the legendary fountain of youth. It wasn't until a few months ago that I began my research into Demonology. I woke up one morning to find three slash marks embedded into my left shoulder. Research pointed to this being the mark of the beast - a sign from the other realm. This acted as a spark of interest and resulting in me jumping headfirst into a pool of spirits and shaman related subjects.

One night while in meditation, I summoned the Demonic Kings to re-introduce myself as a member of the family of light. As a creator god, I developed a new treaty between realms. As a member of the Azurite Council, I see myself as an ambassador working in the dark to serve the light. I saw myself standing in a circular room, dimly lit by an unknown light source. A figure in a robe glided towards me as I stood motionless in observation. King Paimon stood before me as I extended my hand to seal our covenant. With my right hand out, he reached for and grabbed my left hand instead. An icy droplet of water pierced the top of my hand then a surge of frozen energy radiated throughout my arm and traveled back into my spine. I've never experienced anything as cold as the handshake of this demonic king. I realized that there was an energy center embedded within the palm of my left hand that is in charge of absorbing energy into the human body. Paimon was giving me an upgrade.

On another occasion in my astral travels, I wandered into a dark cavern. There seemed to be a mist-like fog covering the floor. In between the gaps in the smoke, I could see thick cables running all around the room. As I followed these cables I was led to a room with an open door that glowed with the light of the sun from within. Trying to find an escape from the darkness and gloom, I entered the room as the door slammed shut behind me. I found myself immersed in a 3D environment that seemed to be a virtual reality but inescapable. The more I attempted to resist the images - the more real the feeling of pain and sorrow overran my body. It was at this moment that I realized I was trapped in hell. I'll elaborate more on this at a later time, for now - the reason I mention this story is because I feel like this was the precursor to my work with the Demonic Kings.

I believe they saw I exited and instantly had respect for me. I've been able to feel their influence and presence since may / june of 2018. In order to understand the archons, you have to become one. The idea behind a sinister view towards humans is easy to understand from their eyes. We live in a hologram, the things we want or desire are irrelevant to them and their existence. When you study simulations, you end up being this entity floating within an invisible realm. To the beings inside of that dimension, you are a god - an invincible archon.

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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