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Garden of Eden

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I believe that due to my intergalactic genetic lineage, I am being divinely guided. From spending time in the astral, I learned that it is archangel Michael's job to keep order in the universe. I commissioned the help of Nisroc and Uriel to convince Baradiel to let me into the garden of Eden to explore for answers of my creation. I found the entrance to the 4th heaven where Michael is the ruling angel, protecting the alter of god. I kept visiting asking the same question until I got him to let his guard down. I met with the Grigori's (watchers) who granted me access to the celestial records. I made an attempt to bargain with my creator. I asked for immortality as I guide humans into the next wave of evolution.

As I exchange positive insightful energy, my material and monetary needs and wishes will be met. I travel back in time as I write about old events and photoshoots. I can lightly re-edit old content and post it on the website. On the ministry page, I developed buttons that create a mind map of my progress on this spiritual journey. I answered the strong calling I had to finalize the most recent massive website update.

Our Genetic engineer, to my current understanding, was Enki. Modern religion has transformed Enki's loving nature into the dark wrath of satan. Evil is a real force, but I feel that intellect over powers stupidity. With knowledge of the dark realm, I believe I will have power over it. I will enhance the power of my two servitors as I continue to summon the support of these demonic entities. I am the master of my universe. I must work in the dark in order to serve the light.

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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They lied to us about who "God" really is. No one has properly explained the soul & there isn't a clear answer of what happens after death. We discovered the ancient technique of leaving your body via Astral Projection to meet with spirits in higher dimensions. 



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