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Devils Notebook

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I'm on a mission to update the website with more articles! I recently finished reading through the Devil's Notebook and took notes about the notes - ironically. The following passages are bits of data I was able to extract. Think of it as a culmination of chaos. The main idea is that Magical power is accrued by reading unlikely books, employing unlikely situations, and extracting unlikely ingredient, then utilizing these elements. This will become the most easily understandable methodology.

We must break out of time and space by realistically and minimally dealing with the present, and dwelling on the past and future. When a villain attains universality, he is endowed with the mantle of devil dom. Christianity provides an ingredient essential to the masses' emotional equilibrium - the good guy badge. Those who wish to rule the world usually go about attaining their goal in the guise of saving it. Just as an Evangelist needs an environment of sinners in which to operate, the ecology good guy requires a polluted urban area. The sin killing preacher is the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing. The more grandiose the crusade, the more satisfied are their customers. Burn every bit of desire out of your system and then, when you no longer care, it will come to you.

The greater one's natural degree of nonconformity, the greater one's magical power develops. The definition being the change in situation or events in accordance with ones will. If you really wield any power, people will realize the benefits gained by contributing to your happiness. Before anyone can expect to progress in magical powers, he must expand his consciousness but not at the expense of his emotions! The most wonderful thing of all is the ability to enter another dimension. Soon I'll be working to summon "Vasiariah" to solidify my contact with the Elohim, also known as the Council of Elders.

Live from the battle field,

The Devil's Advocate


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