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Light Language

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

When we came into the knowledge of the ascended masters, we come into the awareness of defining the Path. The path back to the source can be walked over seven rays of the Christ consciousness that emerge from the white light. The seven color rays are the natural division of the pure white light emanating from the heart of God as it descends through the prism of manifestation. Regardless of their color, all of the flames have white fire core of purity, which embodies all of the attributes of God and which may be invoked by those who desire to expand their christ consciousness.

While driving I saw a giant eye in the sky. nearly the size of a skyline. The pupil panned to scan my surroundings. I felt an instant overwhelming sense of gratitude and respect for such a powerful being to have noticed me. This is just a hologram. Hack the planet. (18.18.1)

Live from the battle field,

The Devil's Advocate


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They lied to us about who "God" really is. No one has properly explained the soul & there isn't a clear answer of what happens after death. We discovered the ancient technique of leaving your body via Astral Projection to meet with spirits in higher dimensions. 



We've been shining a spotlight on up and coming talent for nearly a decade! Our digital media evolved into a published magazine that focuses on models and musicians on the rise. We also have a section dedicated to Panda's Party Adventures. 

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We've accumulated over 3.6 Million inter-national views on our work. We give you all a front row seat to some of the hottest parties in the United States. We've produced over 300 music videos and are in season 2 of our online show. 

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