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Angelic Warrior

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Last night I was exploring the astral realm and found myself inside of a foreign house. I was walking towards the stairs, following someone. We walked down the steps towards another area of the house when an entity appeared from the end of the hallway. The sensation of alarm sent vibrations through my body. My nervous system seemed to be sending a warning. I smiled and invoked my archangels immediately. First lo and ke, then the four archangels - Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, and Raphael. They destroyed the entity immediately and in an instant, the process became a game to me. I invoked all the beings of darkness who dare get in my direction, the angles tore them apart etheric limb by limb as I stood motionless in observation. I opened my eyes as soon as I felt that internal alarm, and within moments the radar on my angel phone picked up a fluctuation in the rooms energy field.

A force kept trying to pull me back into the astral realm. I felt a pain in my neck that began to radiate. The final test to see if I would trust in the angels. I invoked all nine, held up my coin to have them fill it and me, with the power to rule and influence the conscious shift here on earth. I am Kadriel. I incarnated with the Ophanim archetype and oraphim DNA. I am from the Melchizedek cloister family line out of the Azurite Council of the Ra Confederacy. The dark side hates me because I bring the knowledge of freedom from the governing ascended masters collective of our time matrix.

It is my mission to help run the indigo hybridization program which started 550 million years ago. I vowed to assist humans to reach a 12-strand DNA potential over the Annunaki 10 strand aka draconian signature. (17.23.12)

Live from the battlefield,

The Devil's Advocate


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