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The Devils Advocate

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Vibrations from the pipe organ filled the room as everyone's eyes focused on a table in the center. A man in a robe hovered over a book casting spells as he pointed to the sky. As the music played the crowd began to join in. The words being spoken I assumed were English, but for some reason, I couldn't understand. The sun hid behind the clouds and the glass ceiling cast a shadow onto the main stage. The music stopped and everyone in the room dropped down to their knees.

​​I looked around and noticed how tall I felt in comparison. Like an alien, in a foreign land among the natives. They were about to all partake in a ritualistic blood sacrifice. I've sat with various societies /organizations who carry out business in secret, but this group was in a class of its own. I bent down on one knee, hesitantly looking out of the corners of my eyes. My bones trembling as if the motion of kneeling to their deity was against the genetic markup of my DNA.

I wondered what power the man in the robe actually had. Was there a secret phrase in that book to summon the being they were all kneeling too? As I slowed my breathing, I attempted to enter an altered state of mind. I wanted to project my astral body to see if I could sense any entities floating in the ethereal realm.

I saw a flash of light in the distance to the right. As I looked over, I noticed a wave pattern dancing in the air. Right above a candle beside an alter, about 3 feet of space above the flame. The waves danced in the air like the heat escaping from the pavement on a hot sunny day. How was this tiny flame casting such a huge heat signature? Row by row, the natives of this organization gathered into lines and made their way to the front. One by one, they drank the blood of this demi-god as some raised their hands in praise on their way back to their seats.

The term "devil's advocate" was brought into English in the 18th century from the medieval Latin expression, 'advocatus diaboli'. There are various mentions in Vatican records dating from the early 1500s of an informal role called 'Diaboli Advocatus' . In 1587 the administration of Pope Sixtus V, established the formal post. The definition has been: One who argues against a cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply for the sake of argument - or to determine the validity of the cause or position. Over the years the role was removed by the Vatican and all of the Devils' Advocates were out of a job - that is, until now. The goal of the Devil's Advocate has always been to make people discuss and consider situations in more detail. Well now that we've endured two thousand and eighteen years of fabricated history, it's time to take a bite of that forbidden fruit.

It is to my knowledge that modern civilizations have warped our understanding of all ancient cultures and belief systems. The truth has been modified so much that we are only left with bits and pieces of the fragmented path to the divine. We stopped asking the important questions and let this shadow agency rule us from behind the scenes. They have a secret that they're keeping from us all. What if that secret is that we are all angels, trapped in human form, forced to play the game by their rules until our death and reunion with our higher selves. What if they created a technology to prevent us from that reunion, forcing our soul into an eternity of reincarnation? What if ancient aliens knew about this truth, and passed down a secret code that allowed you to bypass these barriers? These "what if's" are what has been fueling my research for the past few months. My mission has become refined, and my goal is to activate my hidden angelic abilities.​ The snake tempted adam and eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. The reward would be to reclaim their birthright and have the power of the creators. The Entities who were in the position of power didn't want to share or see their creations as equals. This is the reason for the turmoil and war in 'heaven', two sides fighting over control. Half wanting to destroy us, while the other half wanted to save us in hopes of us becoming gods like them. If this was the foundation of the nations we see before us today, then it makes you wonder - what is our role in this cosmic battle?

The saying goes, "as above so below". When you apply science to this motto, you can see that everything in the universe is built on the same scale. Balls of light called Atoms, vibrating in different patterns causing a frequency. This Frequency then creates energy and mass-dependent on time. The Fibonacci spiral is a pattern that you can use to find and measure this scale that is in all living things.

The creator of this universe came up with the guidelines and framework of the cosmos, then hit the "start simulation" button. Some of us are waking up from the programming and starting to see the codes that rule our reality. We are re-writing these codes, thus re-writing reality as we see fit. The church has us kneeling to long-gone 'gods' giving up the power and divine spark within us, to some outside force. Stand up. Look around. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. There are users and there are viewers in this game of life. The viewers, sit on the sideline watching opportunities to evolve pass them by. The users are grabbing the game control and steering their avatar in new directions.

What if our world, is just a simulation running in a supercomputer? That would mean someone is on the other side of the LCD screen. What if that being - was also in a simulation of its own? Could "god" just be an intelligent machine feeding itself with the energy created by these atoms bouncing around in different realities? An ancient form of A.I. creating universes full of life forms to study and analyze. That's what computers do after all, right? Compute data? What is life? What are memories? Our brains are just vast hard drives of data. There's been a storm brewing in Chicago for the past 9 days. It hasn't snowed this much since the early 1900s. I was able to give Victoria a wash today. This is the calm before the storm. I see my car as a time machine. I sit inside, and hours fly by as it transports me all around the city. I look forward to the evolution of my grind and being able to travel to all corners of the earth. I've come such a long way, yet my mission has barely started.

Live from the battlefield,


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