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Chaos Magick

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I remember being afraid of solitude as a child. It wasn't because I didn't like to be alone, but because of the things that would transpire in the event of my isolation. I could sense energies that would appear out of nowhere. They would follow me around as I would play out spy movies in my head. The fear came from not knowing what the invisible forces were. After running away for so many years, in 2010 it all began to shift. I started to see ripples of energy on the ceiling whenever I was in a dimly lit room. Like a snake swimming in foggy water. As I would focus on the ball of energy, it would swim down from the ceiling, closer to my face. When I would look around, I would notice more balls of energy forming and swirl around the room.

After doing extensive research, some people believe that these shadow energies are that of a reptilian race. Demonic energies, preying on our souls waiting for us to sleep so they can feed on our energy. After running from this shadow my entire life, I finally decided to face it for the first time. My body began to vibrate, and my chest felt like it was on fire. It felt as If I started to float while I could hear a hovering sound coming from outside the window. As I began to question the feeling of floating upwards, I could feel the texture of the ceiling pressing against my face as some force continued to pull me into a higher dimension.

The ancients knew exactly how to summon and contact these beings from Higher Dimensions. They wrote step by step instructions which have been hidden or altered over the centuries. I went on a mission to uncover the truth, to find the original protocols for evoking the 'gods'. I used to let Hollywood condition me and used to let horror movies paint the picture of a subconscious hell. Then I realized that Demons have no power over me since I am a member of the family of light. Once I realized that these shadow figures were visiting me for help, my mission status began to shift.

I created two Servitors, to act as MY ambassadors on the etheric plane inside of the Astral Realm. As demons and entities approach me, they first must answer to my thought-forms. If all time is happening simultaneously, then that means that the version of your soul that died may be trapped in hell. The doors to our eternal guilt trip are always unlocked, but it is our own mind that traps us in that inferno. If I can help you fight your demons, we can potentially re-write the timeline, and free your soul from the torment of the holographic reality prison they call hell. Picture your lowest moment. The one thing that you feel most guilty about. Then picture having to relive that event, over and over again - on a timeless, never-ending loop UNTIL you decide for it to end. The entire time we are trapped in that loop, dark entities feed off of that negative energy that is being created.

I went to hell and hung out for a few months. A few months down there can feel like lifetimes in the 3rd dimension. The bad guys, want to be the good guys now. There is a handful of renegade reptilians, who wish to help overthrow the corrupt system they once helped build. They've been helping me build an inter-dimensional army.

Live from the battlefield,


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