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Divine Blueprint

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I can't really recall the exact moment the design of my angel phone came into existence. It was a work in progress over the span of a few days. The blueprint seemed to take over my mind and became priority one. Angels resonate with a certain frequency, so I went on a hunt for crystals that resonated with the same patterns. All the pieces I needed seemed to fall into place effortlessly as if guided by a Divine force. Instead of creating something from scratch, I felt like I was re-creating something from the past.

I understand that the hardships I endured over the years were lessons that needed to be learned to shape me into the being I was destined to become. I feel like I've lived many lives and experienced so many different realities in this ONE incarnation. Your perspective on any situation can drastically shift the energy in the room. Your thoughts literally create your reality. Whatever it is that you think about the most - you will certainly attract into your life. The trick is to focus on good, even when everything around you points to 'bad'. It is the law of the cosmos - 'like' attracts 'like'. Imagine the universe as ONE giant supercomputer. It has evolved to help us in our day to day life by simplifying the process of answering our prayers. Humans are indecisive creatures so the universe just gives us more of whatever we spend the most time concerned about. Concern yourself with happiness and feelings of abundance, and the universe responds, "your wish is my command". Concern yourself with feelings of lack, guilt, anger or frustration, and the universe responds, "your wish is my command". Take control of your thoughts, and control reality as a whole.

While having lunch I began contemplating my mission for the next few months. Trying to research and refine my processes for world domination. My goal always being, "how can I do the most good, and how can I awaken the masses?". In a society that forces us to conform, an evolution in consciousness is the greatest form of the revolution there is. For the sake of future generations, accept the fact that 'THEY' have lied to 'YOU'. You are not some monkey that evolved with original sin only able to be freed from the torments of hell by accepting some false deity. Within you is access to that deity, to become that deity. The power of the creator is embedded within our DNA, a divine blueprint. God's greatest gift wasn't sending his 'son' here to die, it was giving us the template to become God.

​I came across a piece of literature that literally changed my perception of everything. It revolves around the simulation theory. The idea is that an advanced race created a supercomputer with their technology and began running simulations of human history to better understand how THEY could take over the world. That lead to the possibility of us being in a simulation, that is in a simulation - currently running in another simulation. The film inception takes on all new meaning. In an attempt to pinpoint who our genetic creator is, I've begun to unravel the greatest mystery of all time... The purpose of the "human hybrid" experiment. I realized the answers were with me, the entire time.

Live from the battlefield,


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