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Garden Of Eden

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The ancients recognized a universal spirit indwelling all things alive. They believed that tree spirits were the most profound sages on the planet, with the ability to shift our consciousness into unparalleled dimensions. Being one of the oldest life forms on earth, their composition serves as a touchstone for immense spiritual growth. The branches constantly seek more light, more freedom, more sensory awareness. They are nimble and can grow in gravity-defying contortions. It's a spiritual lesson for us to never be afraid to branch out and expand in our awareness and spiritual growth. Your life depends on your expansion.

​I was going through my task list searching for something to accomplish. One of the items was to organize the random photos I had laying around on all my USB drives. Over the past five months, I've been photographing moments, collecting memories. The images I've been posting in these "daily grind" updates have been the raw - unedited versions of the photos. When I was first learning photography, I would spend so much time post-processing the images, adding filters and adjusting tones. Somewhere along the line I realized that life is already beautiful, the best version is an unfiltered one.

Time travel with me, back to the summer of 2017. Five months ago I took a wrong turn that led me to a forest. I followed a road that turned into a dead end. I had an urge to park and walk down the pathway up a hill. I crossed a bridge and walked through an open field. The battery on my phone died when I realized that the outside world didn't matter. The scenery around me was a reflection of my inner state of mind, peace.

​​Taking a moment to unplug from the matrix and take a walk in the woods is MORE therapeutic than you have been led to believe. My research shows that ancient civilizations not only believed but UNDERSTOOD the power of being able to tap into the energy fields of these organic beings. At the time I wasn't aware of what was going on, but looking back, I was being drawn deeper into the woods to begin my initiation. There is a special relationship between trees and humans, as trees produce the oxygen that we need to breathe, while we exhale carbon dioxide which trees thrive on. You could say that our exhalation is their inhalation and vice versa.

Trees are multidimensional beings. They have their roots deep down in the earth which signifies their connection to the Underworld. Their trunks and lower branches are in our world, the world of men, which in shamanic terms is called the Middle World. The branches of tall trees reach high in the sky which makes them a bridge into the Upper World. In fact, in many cultures, shamans journey into the Upper World by visualizing themselves climbing a tall tree to the very top and then flying up into the sky.

In the Garden of Eden, the story paints a picture of a serpent tempting them to eat from the tree of knowledge. Funny how an ancient tree could have knowledge, huh? Trees are great energy converters, transmuting our negative energies, helping us heal. This is shown by the very fact that they thrive on our metabolic waste products (carbon dioxide). For this reason, we can draw energy from a tree without depleting it simply by giving it some of our unwanted energy in exchange.

Did the energy of these inter-dimensional beings, steer me in the direction of the auric field of these organic entities? Did I receive a "digital download" via my nervous system that enhanced certain dormant abilities within me? As the days turn to weeks, and the weeks to months - the answer from my research is, yes.

Live from the battlefield,


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