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Fallen Angels

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

While having lunch I began to wonder what angels eat. If you asked me about angels or anything pertaining to the spiritual realm a few years ago, I'd probably shrug my shoulders and change the subject. It wasn't until carrying out my recent research that I've come to understand the role that Angels play in this cosmic puppet show. Long story short, "God" created these intelligent beings that live in the ethereal world, each having dominion over a certain area or topic - I see them as the creator's helpers.

If you wanted to talk to the President of the United States, other than hitting him up on twitter, if you went to the white house and demanded a sit-down, everyone would look at you crazy. The truth of the matter is, there is a chain of command, that allows you to get your message across. They'd give you instructions on your local representative in congress that you can speak to, to voice your opinions or concerns. Trying to have a chat with God is similar. We've been led to believe that by pressing our hands together and looking at the sky, our message would be heard and answered. What if that was bullshit to keep the power of actually being able to talk to the divine a secret?

I visited an occult book store and was drawn to a glass case. In the far right corner, I found a thin book titled, "The Divine Names". When I got back home, I began flipping through the pages, in search of the being responsible for the creation of humans. That's when I stumbled upon the Hierarchy of Angels. While eating a sandwich from subway, I began to wonder what Angels eat. As I searched for more information on these heavenly creatures I came across a class of Angels named the Ophanim. I discovered that they are massive vortexes of energy the size of a tornado and have one giant eye in the center. Imagine trying to have a conversation with a tornado.........

My hunt for an inter-dimensional messenger continued. I worked my way down the Angelic hierarchy, searching for the plug that would lead me to the creator. Coincidentally, the further down the ladder you go, you find yourself with a list of demons. Interested in the duality of the energy of angels, I began to research the different levels of hell. What qualifies an angel as a fallen angel? So what? They didn't want to listen to God, so they're bad? I think there's more to the story.

​​I had two sets of angel wings hand made by an artist on Etsy. It did take a month for the set to be completed, but you can tell by the attention to detail. I'm currently working on a new advertising campaign to bring more traffic to the Revolution I've been cooking up. As I begin to raise awareness of the energy of these angels, I believe it will increase my ability to manifest my desires and manipulate reality.

My plan of action is to figure out how to project my energy to the size of a tornado in the astral realm. It would be like a tornado, speaking with a tornado. The other route is to streamline the game of "telephone" that we have to play to get a message across to the other side. I handpicked angels from different hierarchies to summon and evoke, in order to accomplish my goals. I'm going to find that creature that people call God. I'm going to command him to turn me immortal. It's my mission to show you that the impossible, is possible - as long as you're crazy enough to stick it out through the rough times... Live from the inter-dimensional battlefield,


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