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Cosmic Spy

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Woke up before my alarm this morning. Jumped in the shower and got ready for a day full of meetings. I grabbed some coffee and stopped off to pump gas into the Lexus before getting on the expressway. As I pulled into the gas station I saw the car of an employee i've been avoiding. The last time I was there, I got into an argument with the cashier because the pump added a $30 charge to my account when I pulled off. I laugh at the things that used to make me mad. I walked in and he kept his head down. I asked for $20 on pump 11, he nodded and I was back out the door.

That day I got so pissed at him, that a sharp pain started shooting up my back. I had to hold myself up on the counter as he went to go get his manager. I've undergone a major shift since new years, I came to a better understanding of what was really important. I've learned to slow down before giving someone the satisfaction of seeing me react.

I'm at that point in my life where the days are all starting to blend together. To make sure I've been staying on top of my game, I use a handful of different apps and tools to keep me on track. Credit Karma, Wunderlist, Mindly, MoneyLover, and Evernote are just a few to mention. If you find yourself multitasking, the apps I listed will be a lifesaver! In my last post, I didn't go too in-depth with what I've been up to during my absence, but it's something that doesn't have a straight answer. Each day I find myself coming closer to the answer I've been searching for all these years, "who am i".​ I grew up an only child and the oldest of all my cousins. I would watch shows like Batman, and MacGyver - convinced that I was a secret spy in training. As I reflect on my childhood I recall visions I would have. At that age, you understand them as a vivid imagination, but looking back - what if I was taking glimpses at the future? There's been a handful of events that have played out over the past 10 years that I can connect to a previous childhood vision. ​​

​​It wasn't until a few days ago that I really took the time to analyze my entire life. That's when I realized I've been in training for a mission since my birth. All the events that have taken place, all part of intricate design to awaken certain blueprints embedded in my D.N.A. - sounds crazy? This is just the start of it. As the weeks turned into months, and the stack of papers on my desk turned into a mountain, I started to uncover bits and pieces of a story. This story was the explanation of how humans came to be and our role in an inter-dimensional hierarchy. I knew that once I was able to figure WHO I am, and WHAT my role is in this world, that the answers to all my other questions would arrive as well.

I've been focusing my research on the manipulation of frequency. There's something about those invisible lines of energy that grabbed my attention. Picture that you're playing a video game. Let's say Tetris - you know, the game where you have to arrange the blocks to fit together before they pile up. While you're playing the game you see the different colored blocks, and the motions of the bricks as they explode, but you do not see the individual lines of code that are running, making those graphics appear on the screen.

​​Our reality is no different than the way we interact with that game of Tetris. Instead of seeing all the lines of code in real life, we see what the code represents. A soccer ball for example - under a big enough microscope, you would see millions of atoms swirling around composing the matter that creates the ball. In a video game, you can enter codes to alter the system. My question was, what kind of real-life code can we use to change the way the game of life is played? The ANSWER is to manipulate frequency.

I began to collect certain crystals that are composed of elements and minerals that vibrate at different frequencies, atomically. This causing them to have a magnetic effect, attracting or repelling certain energies. My mission is to be an inter-dimensional ambassador and to help make realities merge. I'm here to help you evolve and to show you the magic that life has to offer. You can become a master of your reality, all you have to do is first forget everything that you thought you knew was right, and learn the actual truth. It's not something that happens overnight, but it'll never happen until you start.

Cheers to a two-day streak of writing a new article for the website.

Live from the battlefield,


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