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Since our first published volume back in 2017, the magazine has undergone a massive update. We printed an extremely limited edition issue called "the foundation" and only made 50 copies available to the public. In 2018 we published volume II titled "revolution", selling over 200 copies in the first six months. It was twice the size of the first volume and featured The Ministry of Metaphysics in the second half. We are currently working on publishing contracts to get our magazine into more venues throughout United States. We feature models, musicians and artists on the rise, as well as spotlight our various partners. This magazine is the evolution of our website, celebrating 10 years of publishing articles online. We look forward to the next 10 years! 

Interactive Articles


The goal of our publication was to create a bridge between our website and physical magazines placed throughout the country. Each page has multiple QR codes embedded that when scanned, bring the viewer to a specific page on our website. This gave us the ability to drive traffic to our website by leaving hard copies in various places via strategic partnerships. It also gave us the opportunity to link the pages in the magazine to video content and items only accessible by scanning the code. 

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