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wealth box set

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About This Kit

The wealth boxset works towards enhancing memory and mental clarity by encouraging one to accept love as a gift rather than as a tool, and to utilize that energy to awaken the divine heart. It takes us on a journey of self love, self motivation, and increasing one’s strength. The crystals incldued are known to bring luck and success. It’s said that these stones bring prosperity into a person's life through wealth, relationships, and opportunities.

Box Set Specifications

(1) Angel Wing Totem, (1) Gold Trim Velvet  Pouch, (3) Three Hand Picked Crystals 

Crystal Properties

    1. Abundance

    2. Mental Enhancement

    3. Intuition / Meditation

    4. Stress Relief

    5. Attraction / Abundance

    6. Enhancing Prosperity

Chakras Activated

Heart Chakra - The heart chakra, or Anahata in its original Sanskrit name, colors our life with compassion, love, and beauty. Driven by the principles of transformation and integration, the fourth energy center is said to bridge earthly and spiritual aspirations. Explore what makes the essence of this chakra and how to unravel its powerful energy to enrich your life.

How Crystals Work

In short, everything we experience on Earth is a frequency. The molecules and atoms that are the building blocks of visible matter, are in a state of constant vibration. This vibration causes frequencies to manifest which create a signal that our sense’s decode and send to our brain. Your body is a powerful magnet. You literally attract certain things depending on the frequency that you are emitting out into the universe. If you have a negative outlook, you will manifest negative experiences. When you shift your perception you also shift the reality you experience. Crystals are minerals created by the earth in a process that took over hundreds and thousands of years. Depending on their molecular structure, crystals vibrate to different frequencies. By keeping these stones close to you, you alter the frequency that you are emitting. If you want to experience a certain reality, finding the right crystals can greatly accelerate the process of manifestation.


high quality imported gemstone.

each stone is handpicked & unique..


high quality imported gemstone.

each stone is handpicked & unique.

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