What is The Devils Diary?


We all talk to ourselves at one point or another, which gave me the idea to replace that voice in my head with the Devil's whispers. After photo shoots at my studio, I'd write articles with a horror-style twist. The "Jesus Junkies" began commenting on my website, telling me to trust in "god" and to run from the darkness. (insert evil laugh here)


At the time I wasn't sure the readers knew it was fiction, but I kept publishing articles anyway. My interest in the occult began to strengthen and before I knew it, I was conducting rituals and summoning spirits for real. I stopped writing public posts and started keeping detailed notes in my private journals. This is when "The Devil's Diary" got it's very own section on the website. 

Book Coming Soon

The past few months have been dedicated to updating all of my social media platforms. I've also been spending an extended amount of time redesigning this website and adding new sections for all my current projects. I am working on outlines for three new novels that I hope to finish before the end of 2020. The first of the book will be "The Devil's Diary". The story unfolds showing the transition I personally made from 2012 to 2019. In the novel, I uncover ancient mysteries and dive into the world of occult metaphysics. More info about the release coming soon! In the meantime, check out the articles below! 

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