Unknown to most people in our common age is the power behind words & intent. Organizations in positions of power made sure to suppress this knowledge over the centuries. The short truth is, you may be having negative experiences due to someone placing a curse or black magic spell on you. With repetition, intent, focus & energy - it is possible for a Negative Energy to haunt you, feeding off your misery & misfortune. We use ancient symbols & incantations to direct healing & protective energies to break curses, spells & to exorcise negative entities. 


There are ancient powers that God once relied upon to help him manage the cosmos. These powers are accessible to humans through various systems discovered over the centuries. We use these tools to make contact with the angelic realms, in order to help bring more health, wealth and positive energy into your life. We call upon the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael during these white magic rituals. Their energy is potent, fast acting and pure of divine essence. 


There is an invisible force that walks with you. It is by your side from sun up to sundown. Sometimes you may hear it's subtle whispers in your ear. Some people come to believe it is their own subconscious speaking when in actuality it is coming from a spiritual entity. The occult teachings show the initiate how to create and summon these forces for aid in reshaping their physical reality. We will create either a thought form, energy assistant or egregore to help you on your spiritual path while acting as an energetic assistant and guardian angel. 

Remove a Curse, Black Spell

or Negative Entity


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Create Guardian Angel

or Servitor Spirit

Invoke Angels to Improve

Health & Wealth.


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