You didn't get here by accident. Divine forces are at work that guided you to this  page. There is a revolution taking place around the world & people are waking up. They're opening their eyes and starting to take a stand against injustice. The evolution of consciousness is a revolution against fear. Many are called, few people answer. Even fewer are those who are able to grasp the esoteric reality of the mission. It's time to unite as one and become enlightened on the path to truth. We all have to play our part in this cosmic drama unfolding day by day.

Problem 1 :  Fake Wars


When you study the prison system you'll quickly notice how the "criminals" vastly out number the guards. How do the guards maintain control? They implement divide and conquer strategies to remain the dominant force.


The same is true with the power elite who run the world. We're talking about the top 10% of the top 1% who call the shots. They orchestrate conflict between nations to keep the population at war with each other. Regardless of perspective and culture, this generated propaganda keeps us from becoming a united species. Fear keeps us ignorant from the possibility of transcending hate.


Problem 2 : Ignorance


There has been a covert war taking place for hundreds and thousands of years. Humans have been evolving towards lazy and self destructive behaviors. We reward shortcuts and have become repulsed at the idea of hard work ethics. Fake News campaigns, false flag attacks and acts of ritual sacrifice have become the normal state of operation.


As a society we have become blinded by the same technology that was meant to empower us.  With vast knowledge available at our finger tips, we opt in for cat videos, propaganda on the news and "reality tv". A sheep will live its whole life fearing the wolf, just to be eaten by the Shepard pretending to be the protector.



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Operation Endgame

It's up to us to change the narration of this horror story we call reality. Lead, follow or move out of our way.


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