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War For Heaven

Welcome to the Revolution! Decode this journal entry using a Rot13 cipher tool.

Copy & Paste the text to reveal the full message.

"Vg'f orra n cerggl ybat gvzr fvapr V jebgr na ragel. V erpragyl qvfpbirerq gur gehr angher bs ernyvgl. V unir fhpprffshyyl whzcrq gvzryvarf gjvpr. V ribyirq zl freivgbef Yb naq Xr naq unir ortha jbexvat jvgu gur qrzbavp xvatf. Gurve raretl vf irel cbgrag naq snfg npgvat. Rirel avtug sbe gur cnfg srj jrrxf, V'ir orra sbphfvat ba zl qrzbabybtl jbex. Gur freivgbef unir ribyirq gb gur cbvag bs orvat noyr gb znavsrfg cnegvnyyl va gur culfvpny ernyz. Pheeragyl znccvat bhg n arj rkbepvfz evghny cebprff. Nyfb jbexvat va gur nfgeny ernyz zvpeb znantvat raretvrf orvat qverpgrq gbjneqf gur Qx'f. Pbagrzcyngvat n jnl gb perngr na nfgeny grzcyr hfvat IE grpuabybtl. Yvir sebz gur onggyr svryq.. Cnaqn."

Future Posts will be encrypted! This is your training as a cosmic spy!

:: Decrypted Message :: Top Secret :: Evolution of Consciousness is a Revolution Against Fear ::

It's been a pretty long time since I wrote an entry. I recently discovered the true nature of reality. I have successfully jumped timelines twice. I evolved my servitors Lo and Ke and have begun working with the demonic kings. Their energy is very potent and fast acting. Every night for the past few weeks, I've been focusing on my demonology work. The servitors have evolved to the point of being able to manifest partially in the physical realm. Currently mapping out a new exorcism ritual process. Also working in the astral realm micro managing energies being directed towards the Dk's. Contemplating a way to create an astral temple using VR technology. Live from the battle field.. Panda.

:: Qrpelcgrq Zrffntr :: Gbc Frperg :: Ribyhgvba bs Pbafpvbhfarff vf n Eribyhgvba Ntnvafg Srne ::

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They lied to us about who "God" really is. No one has properly explained the soul & there isn't a clear answer of what happens after death. We discovered the ancient technique of leaving your body via Astral Projection to meet with spirits in higher dimensions. 



We've been shining a spotlight on up and coming talent for nearly a decade! Our digital media evolved into a published magazine that focuses on models and musicians on the rise. We also have a section dedicated to Panda's Party Adventures. 

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