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Top Secret Aliens

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

It's a little after 1 am here in Chicago. I'm finishing up this post which I started yesterday around four in the afternoon. I was glued to the computer for the past eight straight hours when I realized I never submitted this article. Depending on what time you read this, It may have been updated a few times. Speaking of updates, it's been a few weeks since I've posted one on the website. The plus side is I've made massive progress on a few business systems I'm implementing. I've been working on outlines for seventeen new articles and a system to help me manage the various projects. I figured I needed to get a post up on the website now that the massive redesign is finished!

What if the way we see the world is wrong? Imagine putting on a pair of glasses and seeing the world for what it is. I hope this article becomes that pair of glasses for you. UFO’s, aliens and secret government agencies - yea, we’re going down the rabbit hole with this one. I didn’t plan on writing this article but woke up and saw a notification on Instagram from an old high school friend. She had commented on some photos I recently posted to my live feed and we started talking about aliens. I asked her if she saw the news footage about the tic tac ufo and nearly dropped my phone when she said no. That’s when I realized - It's my duty to spread the information!

I know a lot of people most likely heard about the Storm Area 51 event that made its debut on Facebook. Even though the whole thing was a major dud, I think it did something very important. It planted a seed in the minds of the curious observer. Over a million people clicked that “attending event” button on facebook, but only around three thousand people actually showed up. I was shocked to see so many posts joking around about the alien subject since usually, it was something left for the “crazies”. In this article, I’ve included three videos revolving around an incident that took place on November 14th, 2004.


Mainstream media covering ALIENS? This is a news segment showing their general reporting on what happened back in November of 2004. I personally think that the main issue is that the general public is barely hearing about this event now, 15 years later. It makes you wonder, what else haven’t they told us? There have been "professionals" that tried to debunk this film. But when you watch his interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, you'll see he's telling the truth.


EVIDENCE (Point B) Vice News

Around two or three years ago I was sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop. I was working on a music video while flipping through channels in the background. I came across a show called “vice” and was instantly drawn into their urban styled documentaries. Since, the company has exploded in growth and won multiple Emmy Awards for their journalism and reporting. This video gives you a behind the scenes look into the UFO community and their welcoming of Lt. Commander David Fravor.


EVIDENCE (Point C) Joe Rogan Experience

The first two films were pretty direct and to the point. This film is over an hour-long - but it’s a podcast that gives you an unfiltered perspective behind the pilot who saw the craft with his very own two eyes. I'm a huge fan and supporter of Joe Rogan, and it’s been awesome watching his show evolve and dominate over the past few months. He has a wide range of interesting guest speakers and always seems to ask the right questions. Browsing the comment section on each podcast is equally entertaining. If you have the next hour or so free, you should check out the full show where he interviews the pilot that chased a UFO...

If you didn't believe in the possibility of aliens hopefully these videos give you a different perspective. Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting articles with more information I've come across. The next article scheduled to be released goes over one of the ingredients in my smart pill formula and how it was given to soldiers in war to improve brain function. The second article scheduled for upload goes over the science behind crystals and ways to keep them around to change your own frequency. Hoping to get another post online soon! Any questions, just shoot me an email. OH! and check out the new partner section, link is at the top and bottom of the website.

Live from the battlefield,

Devils Advocate



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