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Thanksgiving (week recap)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Last week I told myself I wasn't going to fall behind, but I did it again. Time has been literally FLYING, these past few months. I feel like it was just Halloween last week, now it's almost Christmas! Every Sunday, I upload a "week recap" article that has photos I posted on my LIVE story via Social Media. I started taking screenshots of the video clips, to give you guys a better feel for the flow of the week. Those live video clips are only up for 24 hours before they're gone. Majority of the clips never make it to a highlight reels on Instagram, so tune in daily! But anyway, like I was saying at the start of this article .... Im writing this article on

December 6th, but the photos are from Nov 22nd - Nov 30th. I was supposed to write this article on November 30th at the end of the night. I'm trying to get used to having that personal deadline of upload a new post for you all EVERY week. There were times in the past that I would go weeks, sometimes even months without posting an article here. I was focused on developing films and uploading content to YouTube and Instagram. But ANYWAY... lets get into the recap for the week! The gallery below starts with showing a shot of the racing set up I have in the corner of my bedroom. I mounted a tv screen to the wall, and mounted the racing wheel to an adjustable table. Then I used gorilla tape to secure the pedals to the ground. I also switched the layout of my work station in the living room. I turned my second monitor into a vertical screen and all I can ask myself is, "why the hell didn't I do this sooner".

I spent a few days glued to the computer, getting work done before Thanksgiving. I didn't get to make it to the family brunch, but I did get to see some family members later on that evening for a late dinner. The food was great, the company was amazing and the night was another to remember. I came back that night and actually got right back to work. I rolled a few blunts and kicked back a little, enjoying the rest of the holiday. I recently have been playing Gran Turismo, trying to stack up in game cash so I can buy different cars to drive and modify, lol. If you're not from Chicago, then let me tell you - it's been getting COLD lately! I think one of the cells in my car battery is dying out - because the car has been having trouble starting. I picked up a small portable car jumper. It's super compact and fits in my backpack! Best part is that it was only $55 on Prime, for their black friday sale.

It was perfect timing! I should've just bought a new battery, but figured since I havn't been driving alot lately, a quick jump here and there won't be too bad. It's supposed to be getting really cold soon, so swapping the battery is on the to-do list for the next 24 / 48 hours! Speaking of black Friday, I posted a 75% discount for filmmaking packages! BIG SHOUTOUT to everyone I'm about to be working with over the next few weeks. It's going to be a great start to, 2022! I end the gallery with some sneak peak footage of another elevate tv episode series i'm working on.

You guys have seen 3 episodes for the FASTLANE series, which is all about cars. I'm working on an episode for the GODLY VILLAINS series, and also an episode for the FALLEN ANGELS series. The concept of the first episode plays with themes of dating during corona virus lockdown. What happens when you're stuck inside and the only way to see other people is via zoom. Like fallen angels trapped in the astral realm, these girls are trapped in their homes like it was a prison.

This series, is their attempt at getting a little wild. To summarize, it's different models, in different outfits, dancing via zoom and writing "PANDA" on themselves in front of their webcam. The purpose of the fallen angels series is to push the tagline, "who is panda". The search on facebook pulls up my personal page, where I plan to upload highlights of my career over the past decade. THIS SUNDAY! I'm going to post the article on time, so be ready. Lol. I have no idea what the article will be about but I do promise to stick to my own deadlines! Thanks for tuning in. I know this article was a bit longer than usual.

Figured I'd really update you on whats going on. Don't forget, check out that LIVE story on Instagram, Facebook and/or Snapchat! All three updated daily!

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November 22nd - November 30th (Recap)


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