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Shootout at a Scrapyard

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

We're currently in the first week of clan wars using the new esports team account on Call of Duty Mobile! In this video we've got footage from a shoot out at a scrapyard. The match style was "frontline" - where the opposite team respawns at the same HQ after death.

If you can make it to the other end of the map and survive, you can rack up the kills on the other team. I start this match out with three quick kills using the SKS with an RTC Scope on it. I reload after taking out the group and make my way forward. I recorded some audio, walking you guys through the match. I explain why I move the way I do and show you guys how to get more kills. Thanks for watching, see you guys on the frontline!

There is a secret war being waged over the ownership of your consciousness. There are two sides, The Oritronic (half-light spectrum) verses the Metatronic (full-light spectrum). These two different spirals of Light are synonymous with the fallen universe and the pure universe. The world we know is actually in a space where the two overlap. The Earth is a Simulation and we are all puppets in a three dimensional hologram.

The Greys, Reptillians and Insectoids are all born of this realm, some have adopted full-Light agendas, but these are rare. Aliens are not a threat. Currently their Oritronic universe is in a state of collapse and these beings are looking to mutate their genetics. Their aim is to be granted the opportunity to become ensouled beings and take embodiment in planetary worlds where they may work their way up the evolutionary spiral as all humans are doing.

Interested in becoming a villain, learning forbidden knowledge and helping the Fallen Angels of the Oritronic Spectrum? Send us an email, asking how to get started. (

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