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Organizing Chaos

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

It's Monday! That means it's time for another article with behind the scenes photos. This section on my website has really evolved over the past year. It's been an interesting project, keeping up with posting behind the scenes content.

I know that my future self will thank my current self, for cataloging my progress. At this rate, uploading a new post every Monday - in a few years, I'll have so much exclusive content here on the website. Even going back a few pages, it's crazy to see the evolution.

In the photo above, you can see what the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and office are currently looking like. I've been spending alot of time getting my place organized. I built out my schedule until summer of 2023. I've been filling in the blank slots with dedicated time to work on projects.

The first image in the set below, gives you a peak at what my temple room currently looks like. Behind the curtains is my main workspace. Maybe sometime in the future, i'll go into depth and break down the different areas.

Atleast once a day, I'll watch a movie on the 144" projector screen. I also interact with the altar space in the temple room at minimum twice per day. I know you guys don't see - me - much on camera, so i added a rare photo - eating breakfast. I'm not really a fan of taking selfies - But - i do enjoy taking pov photos!

This week the cruiser has been making its way to the top of the list of things to work on. I noticed a drop in miles per gallon, so I checked my air filter and noticed it was WAY over due for a change. In the photo below, its obvious to see which one is the new one. In case you can't tell - the photo with my godly villains logo, is the old air filter.

In the top image, I lifted the car with a hydraulic jack and got underneath to snap some photos. I've been having a slow leak issue, which lately turned into a major leak issue. When I was low oil, the light would come on, I'd top it off with 5w30, and keep going.

Sometimes when I'd stop abprutly, the engine would tilt, and the oil level would dip and cause my light to come on. Once the car leveled out, the light would go back off. This was my indication that it was time to add oil soon.

The past few days the light has been staying on, regardless of how much oil I add. I'm pretty sure there is a major leak somewhere, but I need to take it apart to find the source.

This week was a bit crazier than usual, just because I had to factor in the time and energy to work on the car. Good news is, promising updates coming for next week! About to add a second car to the fleet! Mind is already racing with ideas for modifications and upgrades!

The Devil's Diary is a category on the robot panda website that features behind the scenes content and narration from the company's CEO. (Steven Sanchez)

Remember, that the Evolution of Consciousness, is a Revolution against Fear. Do not regard a subject as invalid, just because you lack wisdom to understand. We must learn the forbidden knowledge, to free ourselves from mental constraints.

TONS of updates here on the website, click around - share some articles with your friends, and see you all in the next post! This world is the playground for the fallen, we are god's unwanted children. Thanks for reading; this is Agent 9 aka Panda reporting live from the battlefield in the 3rd dimension.


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