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Ritmo Fridays

Friday, January 17th, 2020! Ritmo Latino Fridays in Niles, Illinois! We were booked to cover the Grand Opening event at Candela Nightclub, brought to you in part by Dirty Dutch Deejays. A RobotPanda Film in association with Elevate Tv Productions. (


Free Parking

18+ ENTER | 21+DRINK

RSVP : 630-666-0759

8526 W GOLF RD, NILES, IL 60714

Director of Photography :

Camera Operator :

Second Camera Operator :

Post Production :

Project Management :

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Official Channel of TheRobotPanda / Steven Sanchez

R A I N M A N A G E N C Y ™

"Elevate Your Grind"

In 2009 I was working at nightclubs on the weekend as an event journalist. I wrote articles featuring pictures from parties I covered and did photo shoots throughout the week. As a director, I've produced 350+ films generating over 3.8 Million views. In 2014 I began my spiritual journey & started conducting research into metaphysics. Three years later in 2017 I became an ordained minister with aspirations of fighting evil by working in the dark to serve the light. Aside from Ministry Work, we offer Consulting & Multimedia Services to Entrepreneurs Internationally. By combining social media management with photography & film making services, we help people evolve their brand. Panda is a full-time Filmmaker and Demonologist.

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