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Racing Simulator

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

If you’ve read the past few articles then you know I’ve been trying to catch up on my writing. I spent the whole month recording footage and editing videos for the website. As a byproduct, I shelved all the content for the “whoispanda” and “godly villains” categories.

I think something in me just wasn’t ready to write – being that my mind was so focused on the content I had to create. It’s currently 6:34pm and I’m FINALLY caught up! It’s really May 24th and this post is dated May 23rd… That means for the first time since April 11th, I’m writing about current events!

I’ve been sitting at the computer for the past two and a half hours, writing the last 5 articles, not including this one. So far I’ve written a grand total of 2,901 words so far. THIS is the last article for me to write in this category.

Maybe later tonight if my brain is fried, I’ll start catching up on Godly Villains Articles too. It’s actually funny that this article is named “Racing Simulator” because that’s actually what I worked on all day yesterday (May 23rd).

Over the past few days, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to modify the workstation for Fastlane esports. I’ve been into cars ever since I was a little kid and the obsession just got stronger as the years went on. I remember getting my first racing wheel for my desktop pc when I was in grade school. It was a “sidewinder” from BestBuy.

I did some light research online using aol at the time, to see what the store had in stock. I used to play a game called “Motor City Online”. You could buy, sell & modify cars in world that revolved around classic cars & race tracks.

I couldn’t legally drive yet, because I wasn’t 16 – but I was racking up my experience, drag racing and street tuning cars in the game.

The racing wheel took the immersion to the next level. I had no idea that almost 20 years later, that addiction would resurface lmfao. I think it started back in 2018..

I jumped on Facebook marketplace and found a guy selling a PlayStation with a few games and a racing wheel. I went to local game store and picked up GranTurismo and Midnight Club. I would play the game on and off, but for the most part, it all just sat there – collecting dust.

FOUR YEARS LATER: I moved into this 3 bedroom duplex and figured I finally have the space to create a designated racing station. I started following Sim Racing pages on Instagram to get ideas of how to setup my new rig. The downside was seeing how expensive everything was. Some rigs were in the double digit THOUSANDS.

With the motor in my wheel dying, I was losing any sense of realism when racing. I couldn’t “feel” the road anymore and all tension in the steering was gone. I jumped on eBay to find a replacement wheel, since my pedals still worked.

I waited for the package to arrive and once I plugged it in, I discovered the motor was DEAD in the new / used wheel too! After A LOT of contemplating, I finally went ahead and made the jump to invest in the G29..

After driving with it for the past 5 days I gotta say its probably the BEST purchase I’ve made ALL year!I’m excited to use the new rig in my videos coming up for Fastlane Esports!

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