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New Year New Plan

Updated: May 28, 2022

Just like that, another year has come and gone. Time has been moving extremely fast lately. Aside from getting ready to move, I've been redesigning the blueprint for my business. When Robot Panda first launched, it was a

photography company. Then some time later, it transitioned into a film production business. After touring around United States, I started to focus on Business Consulting. By 2015, I started to wonder how to summarize all the different aspects of the business. I combined all the features into a magazine, and the first volume was created.

In 2017, I was ordained a minister and took the company into a whole new direction again. I began to focus my research into demonology and the occult. Two years later, I developed the second volume of the magazine, and started to realign my focus back into business consulting.

Having spent the next two years experimenting with various business ventures, I decided it was time to bring back Elevate Tv and produce a second season.

This is pretty much where we're at in the story. This post is being published on January 10th, 2022 - but I'm secretly from the future. (The version of myself writing this article) In my current timeline - it's actually April 5th, 2022) The "me" living in January has no idea what's actually about to happen. In the next week, I'll get a loud knock at the door - and before I know it, I'll be packing up everything I own into boxes. There's a few court cases, a moving company, ALOT of boxes, and a new place about an hour away.

You're looking for a way to grow your business. We help you tap into a larger market by showcasing your brand or product. Godly Villains is a Consulting Agency that provides Business Consulting, Media Production, & Marketing. You've got a message and Godly Villains helps broadcast it out to the world.

In my current timeline (april) I've been trying to catch up on work now that i'm finally unpacked. I never thought it would've taken this long to get settled in after moving. ANYWAY -- new business plans! I'm looking forward to launching some new business ventures and featuring it all on this website. Stay tuned for more updates coming in the following weeks.


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