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Musical Furniture

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

I’m not talking about furniture that makes music – it’s a reference to the old game of “musical chairs”. Instead of people spinning around chairs in a circle, I’ve been

spinning furniture around in circles here at my new place. Btw, if you haven't seen the recent Sicario or Fastlane articles, the name for the new place is - VILLAIN HQ! We also grabbed some space in the metaverse and have a penthouse setup as the virtual villain headquarters. Add us on Instagram and check out our recent posts for a quick sneak peak! BUT ANYWAY…. Musical Furniture! Last year I was in a 2 bedroom apartment, the year before that I moved around a few times, but had a 1 bedroom for the most part. This year, we’ve been blessed and obtained a 3 bedroom duplex.

At first I had no idea what I would do with all of the space. I had all my stuff in boxes and had to come up with a game plan for the movers. They needed to know

which boxes were supposed to go into which rooms. I recreated the unit, using some software I have – to brainstorm a layout. (side note, its 5:55pm and I just got back from another mini break. I walked around my place and two sandalwood incense sticks lit, smudging each room. I’ve been on a writing spree for the past 2 hours and I think im close to hitting my limit.I’ve writing 2,380 words so far! I used the software to get an idea of the new layout – but It would take the me about twelve weeks to really get everything situated. The first week I spent unpacking all of the boxes, then the next few after that – I was organizing things into drawers & closets. The next phase required my drill, as I used up all the screws I had left, hanging up paintings and picture frames. As time went on I made lists of things I needed.

The biggest hurdle I had to tackle was figuring out the window treatments. There were no blinds when I first moved in, but I had a few curtains from my old place. I grabbed some packs of black plastic table sheets and cut them to size to block out the light and give myself some privacy. The windows are HUGE here, meaning the neighbors can see EVERYTHING, lol.

I saved up some money and was able to finally put in the order on amazon. It was about to be mother’s day, and I

was planning on having my mom over for dinner. I wanted the place to come together before she came by so I went ahead and added everything to the cart. I knew that once this order came in, I’d have the final pieces to the puzzle and 3 months, my place would finally feel like home.. So it’s the big day, my stuff is supposed to arrive in the mail, and guess what happens? A CRAZY ASS storm his and my packages get lost in the mail.. ALL of them.. A week goes by and amazon sent the apology message. They refunded one order and reshipped the other.

I used the money that was refunded to just pick up curtains from the store, since mother’s day was approaching and I was running out of time.Long story short, everything arrived, and I got 8 curtains for free!

I ended up going crazy and hung everything up.. It’s lookin’ pretty awesome! You hear that? NOTHING! The music stopped! No more musical furniture! Lol.

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