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Marketing (week recap)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I have so many business cards, I need to start leaving them laying around places when I go out. I even thought about just randomly throwing them out my window while driving in busy areas to "plant seeds" lol. I came across a photo of a model with a business card stuck into her bra and thought, "hmm.. that's some great marketing". So figured I needed the same thing for my recent batch of Godly Villains cards. This week I was up to more randomness and organized chaos! I'm glad you made your way back here to check up on me again. I'm

still hitting the gym on a consistent basis, but almost got thrown off when I skipped a few days. The last time I went, I ran into my ex's sister and told myself - this is why I dont come to the gym early. Aside from that, I've been hearing from alot of you that I should post more photos of me in action - working - on top of my POV shots. It's something I still have to get used to, but I'll try my best! To summarize my week all you have to mention really is, protein, gym sessions and errands. I've been hitting my mark of 120 grams of protein a day! Some of the bars i've been taking have a slightly higher sugar content then i'd like though - and I think it started to give me slight dental pain. I've been taking my vitamins daily to keep the avatar

running in optimum condition. If you aren't taking a multi-vitamin, I highly recommend it! Since I havn't been feeling the greatest, I've been spending more time at home - which has given me the chance to update social media finally! I recently updated my personal facebook page and have a few more posts lined up that i'm scheduling to upload. I took a look at my Instagram Traffic Summary and was honestly shocked to see that 67k accounts have engaged with me in the past month! Insane! The largest demographic being people between the ages of 18 and 24. I remember when I was that age, I thought I knew everything.. A piece of advice for you if you're in that age bracket -- FOCUS on YOUR goals! Dont chase someone to be in a relationship. Be okay with being by yourself. You'll see that you'll make so much progress in a short amount of time when you put your priorities into your own well being. Last week I posted a list of 30+ ways

to invest in yourself.. WELL, in this gallery I have a list of 30+ ways you can IMPROVE yourself! Change your attitude by focusing on the positive things in your life. Stop making excuses and stop procrastinating. Review your finances and set some goals for yourself. Take things one day at a time and dont get caught up in comparing yourself to someone else. See failure as an opportunity that will bring you closer to success. With THREE episodes done for Elevate TV, I'm looking to start working on a new segment called "Midnight Social". I will be cutting a music video by School Boy Q and 2Chainz with content I recorded from three different events. Stay tuned for those updates! I know I went a bit ghost after this last week, It's because I realized I needed to focus and get more items checked off my own personal checklist. Sometimes you gotta slow down before you can speed up! Again, thanks for checking in and seeing what I'm up to! Tune in next week for another update!

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November 1st - November 7th (Recap)


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