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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

I've took a break from writing because with the launch of my new brands, I was trying to analyze the audience and

demographics to better suit this content for you all. After looking at the data, I realized that the readers are coming from all over the planet, so trying to custom tailor the content would be hard. I’ve come to understand that – I am my own brand – aside from the content I create. The act of “creating” the content is something separate from the content itself – if that makes sense? I’m still sitting at my workstation, slowly sipping the bang energy drink I had mentioned in the last “whoispanda” article.

I just finished creating a post schedule for the rest of the year (2022). It looks like this category will be updated about twice a month, moving forward. Towards the end of last year, before launching the new brands, I was updating

this category every single week! Throughout the week, I try to update my social media story daily – giving you all a behind the scenes look into my life. I would grab all that content for the week, and drop it into an article on the website. But since we’re still having some issues with the blog gallery, I’ve decided to hit pause on that. Also, with the launch of these new brands, I’ve been staying busy curating content. I’ve got an ambitious vision for how I want the rest of the year to pan out. I know that it’s going to be up to me, to make it all come together.

In the past a lot of you came here, interested in learning about my work with Angels and Demons. I would post openly about my research into the extraterrestrial phenomenon, but recently went back and redacted / removed all that content.

I felt like I was scaring away potential clients who either didn’t understand what I was talking about, or were afraid to collab, thinking I had a sinister agenda. I went back to the drawing board and cleaned up my public image, focusing only on services – and keeping my views on the world, a bit more private.

To be honest, some of the best conversations I’ve had over the years have had to deal with aliens, angels, demons, secret societies, and government conspiracies. I understand now that anyone can offer a service, but only a select few can decode the meaning of reality.

The Devil's Diary is a category on the robot panda website that features behind the scenes content and narration from the company's CEO. (Steven Sanchez)

Remember, that the Evolution of Consciousness, is a Revolution against Fear. Do not regard a subject as invalid, just because you lack wisdom to understand. We must learn the forbidden knowledge, to free ourselves from mental constraints.

TONS of updates here on the website, click around - share some articles with your friends, and see you all in the next post! This world is the playground for the fallen, we are god's unwanted children. Thanks for reading; this is Agent 9 aka Panda reporting live from the battlefield in the 3rd dimension.


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