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Fastlane Esports

Updated: May 28, 2022

I got the keys to my new place today! It's almost x3 the size of my last place, and it's a blessing how it all came together. I stopped writing week recap articles, just

because life has gotten a bit crazy. I wanted to spend my time focused on the development of these new brands. One in particular that I'll be talking about in this article is "Fastlane Esports". I remember being in grade school playing a computer game called Motor City Online. I had a side winder racing wheel hooked up and I'd stay up late drag racing classic cars. Fast forward two decades and technology has changed so much! I wanted to create a brand around a subject I've recently become fascinated with all over again - Simulation Racing.

I've been working on upgrading my rig, over time - making small adjustments here and there. I also started developing a free course with tips on helping you become a better race

car driver. It's the intro part to a business funnel that I'm currently still developing. If you check us out on Instagram, you'll see some race footage from some championships. I'm actually looking to switch up how I create content, and I'll be focused on certain cars, instead of certain tracks. This concept seems way more appealing to me rather than highlighting full races. I'd rather just highlight certain features of specific cars, buy them, tune them, and take them on the track for a few laps.

I had set up a racing station in the living room of my new place near my main desk. I switched things around a few times and ended up relocating it to the dining room instead. It shares some space with a work station I plan to use for another business venture. In the coming weeks you guys will see footage from different races. I'll also be posting more photos of the set up.


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