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Fast Lane (week recap)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Fastlane is a segment on Elevate TV that revolves around car meets and street racing. This past week I was able to record more footage at another event hosted in the west suburbs of Illinois. A ton of cars showed up and I was able to film the award ceremony where trophies

were handed out to various cars in different categories. As the season is coming to an end for car meets, there's a strange vibe lingering in the air. With the cold weather comes a sense of isolation. While the loving couples are off to cuddle away the next few months, us road warriors are stuck in garages and work mode. Whatever it is that you're working on - keep pushing.. Your dedication will bring you to levels you never thought possible. Some people have been writing me, asking for ideas on how to invest in themselves. For these next few months, focus on your own personal growth! Give netflix or hulu a break and

watch some educational shows. Read some books or ebooks and get back in touch with your family. Get rid of toxic friends and set some goals for the new year - then get a head start on them NOW! I had to start being selective with the people I hang around, realizing that energy is contagious. As my circle continues to get smaller, my vision keeps getting larger. I was able to release the second episode of Elevate TV and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I feel like the footage from Nipsey Hussle's music video blends in perfectly with the content I recorded at the car meets. If you haven't seen the video yet, click (Here) to check it out! Since i've been in editing mode, i've been medicating alot more than usual. I think the count went up to almost 10 blunts per day while in the studio. Since then i've cut it back down to about 4 or 5 per day. Lol. This week the

second half of my tattoo equipment finally came in! Out of the entire shipment, I'm most excited about the box of thicker lining needles. I can't wait to throw down some ink on the silicone skin, sometime this week! For everyone already hitting me up about getting tattoo work, I appreciate ya'll - but let me get some more practice in first, lol! When you scroll through this gallery, you'll see some previews to photo albums i'm currently working on. I've got photos to finish and post from a few photoshoots and car events. I'm pretty excited to be able to share the content with you all! I've been relying on Bang Energy Drinks to give me the juice to power through my days lately. I'm consuming between 650mg and 750mg of caffiene per day, ON TOP of taking my nootropics smart pills. #GRINDMODE See you guys next week for another update!

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October 22nd - October 28th (Recap)


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