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Fallen Angels (week recap)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

In my travels I've crossed paths with some interesting souls. Some were angels and others were demons pretending to be the light. Fallen Angels is a new photo series i'm developing that is a mix between sexy and scary. You can expect lingerie, fake blood, dark rooms with colored lighting and models of various ages, nationalities and backgrounds. At the Villain

HQ, it's alright to dabble in the darkness. Stay tuned to see the sweet, seductive shots we take these next few weeks! I'll be posting a casting call online for models soon! First of all, BIG shout out to all of the people who have been visiting the website! The Robot Panda had 19,000 hits in the last 90 days! This past week I spent some time chatting with Artificial Intelligence to see how it's neural network has developed. If Robots and Consciousness are your thing, you should check out the screenshots from the conversation I had! Also did the first shoot for the fallen angels series! More photos dropping in the upcoming weeks! It's been a while since i've done body work on cars, but like riding a bike - it's something you never forget how to do. The mission was to repair the rust that had eaten

away at the metal on the side skirts of this cobalt. First I had to remove the rusted metal so I could chemically treat it. Then, I used foam board to fill the hole and reshape the skirts. I then dipped fiberglass cloth into resin and used bondo-glass to repair the damage. After a few coats and some sanding, it was ready for primer and paint. Next week or the week after I'll come back and do a second coat, sand it again, then use the special metallic paint to finish the job! In this gallery you'll see more behind the scenes shots of the daily grind. I also talk a bit about smart drugs i've been taking to give me a mental boost. See you guys next week for another update!

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October 8th - October 14th (Recap)


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