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Exclusive (week recap)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

It's Sunday! That means time for a new article with a gallery as an overview of my past week. The concept of updating this blog section has evolved over the past two months. I'm excited to be able to keep you all up to speed and on the same page as me, for the most part. I'm finally caught up on the back log of editing content and writing articles! The website update is complete and I'm getting close to ending this phase and starting the next!

I'm typing this article standing up with my laptop on the kitchen counter. It's 12:47 am and I'm cooking breakfast for dinner. White rice, with eggs and sausage - about to brew a cup of coffee too. After writing this article, I want to edit photos from an event I went to last night. It was a pop up medicinal marijuana event, and I got alot of really good content. BUT, I'll save the write up for the next article. The MAIN focus of this week was updating the layout of the website. For those of you who have been visiting here over the past few days I know you would've noticed the home page changed about twenty five times, lol.

After a solid week of graphic design and development, I think it's finally safe to say that I'm happy with the layout. The only thing left to do is resize some of the images to make things run and load a bit faster. This week I also spent alot of time slowing down and recharging. I moved some things around at the HQ, and took some cars for a test drive using the racing wheel. I spent some time practicing spinning cars, and found a few things out.

First of all, its CRAZY easy to spin a charger in the game. The benz AMG's wont slide, traction control kicks in to quick. The V6 mustang did a pretty good job at spinning also, but I think my favorite was Mazda's Rx8. I'll use the cars to do highway pulls, racing other people inside of the game. It feels crazy when I get in an actual car to drive places in real life, lol. I ended the week with editing ALL of the photos albums that have been pending. It was content from two photo shoots and two car meets.

Saturday night I went with Dr. Dab to a pop up event in Chicago. Stay tuned for more updates! Like I mentioned earlier, I'm going to try to start editing those photos from the event. My breakfast dinner is getting cold, soooooooo, Until next time! Thanks for checking in and make sure to follow on social media!

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November 8th - November 14th (recap)


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