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ETV Season 2

Updated: May 28, 2022

Over the years my business plans have changed so much. It would take me more than a decade to realize what I was actually building. I would get consumed over developing

one section of the business - then - it seemed like I would abandon the project in the final stages before completion, to begin working on something else. I thought it was a curse for the longest time, until I realized that there was a divine plan at play. For many of you who may not know, Elevate Tv had an entire first season that was shelved as soon as I closed an agency back in 2011. Then I shelved the project for years, until 2017 - when a NEW season 1 was put into development. It would take me 4 more years to pick up where I left off after producing that season. In 2021 I started production of the online show once again.

For Season 2, I wanted to take the show in a different direction. I wanted to move away from working with

musicians and barbers, focusing now on cars and lifestyle. The first few episodes of the new season show my

journalistic approach at showcasing the Chicago Street Racing scene. Well... things have changed since 2009, and these kids don't race anymore. They do something called, "takeovers" where they form a big circle in an intersection and random RWD cars take turns doing donuts. I mean, it's cool I guess? But what happened to meeting up at the burger king parking lot on pulaski, finding a car you wanted to race - then lining up with them on the strip behind the factories? The rush you feel waiting for the person to flag the quarter mile race, is like nothing else. Having that relationship with your machine (car) and being able to double clutch and slam your shifter into gear while pulling away on your opponent is priceless.

ANYWAY - I started the second season showing footage from the car scene in the fall. As the car season came to a close, I ended up realizing a few other things were coming to an end as well. I got consumed in packing and making the move to the new headquarters for the past few months. Managing the new brands on top of all my redesign work has had the tv show on pause for the moment.

Im contemplating writing out a few episodes and making this season something really different. Since season one was unscripted and put together at random, I figured telling my audience a story might be the power move. If I do end up writing a story board for the episodes for season two, then expect it to finally tell the story of Robot Panda, and it's Revolution.


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