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Ending 2021 (week recap)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The web traffic has nearly doubled over the past few weeks. Clicks on the links are going crazy! Thanks for checking back and making us a part of your routine. I hope that in a few months, looking back - i'll see an awesome catalog of new work. I have a bunch of projects in pre-production right now and it's game planning season. As you guys know, this article is a recap of the past week. The gallery below shows posts from December 1st to December 7th.

After some planning, Sisko set up his session to have a film produced for his barber shop in Blue Island. Im on the graveyard sleep schedule, so I had to set my alarm to wake up early. I got about four hours of sleep and made sure I packed up all my gear the night before. The session went extremely smooth, stay tuned for the video which should be uploaded here on the website in a few days! I started getting into the routine of my new daily schedule. Starting the morning with a coffee is a must. Lately the coffee choices have been between dunkin normal brew and starbucks morning blend. Usually mix it with caramel macchiato creamer. Towards the end of the week it was pretty slow motion. Caught up on some task list work for three days straight before leaving to go outside, lol. In the meantime I've been experimenting with cooking different things in an air fryer. Part of the items on the task list involved editing photos and writing some new articles.

I also moved some furniture around and set up lighting near my workstation. More about that next week though! In last week's post I mentioned ordering that battery charger from Amazon during the black friday special. It was cool for a bit, but as soon as the temperature dropped to the single digits, I got tired REALLY quick of jumping my battery. I made my way to autozone to finally swap out the old one for a brand new one. Installation took me only a few minutes, and before I knew it, I was back on the road headache free. To summarize the week - I really just stayed home and worked on my tasks. ALOT of computer work, research, and editing. The only time I went out was to grab coffee, run errands at the store, or to film with sisko in Blue Island. I'm taking advantage of not having to travel right now, knowing that my schedule is about to become INSANE. Until next week! Thanks for checking in!

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December 1st - December 7th (Recap)


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