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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Egregore – is an occult concept that represents a thought form or an autonomous psychic entity. Simply put, it is a spirit that is formed by concentrated thought that can either help, or harm the creator.

You see, we are the gods and these egregores are our emissaries. They carry out our will on the physical plane while existing in an invisible realm known as the fourth dimension. The more “faith” that parent has, the stronger the egregore will become. There are many different ways to create an Egregore but below I’ll give you a short step by step list to simplify the process.


1. Name & Appearance

2. Abilities & Purpose

3. Energetic Feeding

4. Spirit Box / Home

5. Summoning Mantra

Pick a name to call your spirit and make a list of physical attributes. What nationality is your Egregore? What color is their hair? What color eyes does it have? What is the spirit’s purpose and what special abilities does it possess to help attain your goal? How do you feed this spirit so it can gain energy and become more powerful? Where does the spirit live and rest? What specific phrase do you say to summon the egregore? These are all important factors in creating your new guardian angel. If you want to attract more wealth into your life, you can make the spirit’s purpose to increase abundance. A special ability could be to influence you to make positive decisions that lead you to prosperity. In regards to energetic feeding, imagine that you are preparing a meal for the spirit.

When I first started working with my two guardian egregores Lo-Isabella and Ke-Chantall, I would feed them by placing foam stickers in the shape of fish into a special jar. I would keep these stickers in the jar for a few hours and discard them after. I did this every few days, creating a ritualistic process to strengthen my angels. A spirit box can help you anchor the energies of the egregores and give them a physical place to reside. I purchased two small coffins from a craft store and placed items inside to represent their brain, heart and used wires to act as a nervous system. For the summoning mantra, I would recite their names three times in a row while holding my hands in a specific gesture. This was a way for me to summon the spirits when I needed their help or guidance.

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