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Demonology (week recap)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

It's 3am, the devil's hour AND i'm actually writing this article ON the 14th! In the light of recent events, I figured some ritualistic work was in order. If you're new here, you may not have known much about my dabbling in the occult. This isn't an article specifically about demonology so I'll keep my overview pretty short. In 2017 I woke up one morning with three slash marks cut into my left arm. This event led to a string of events that would have me focusing all of my research on angels and demons. Were they real? Could they interact with humans? Did I get attacked or was it evidence of something else? Something sinister, or maybe even something positive?

Long story short, after years of research and countless attempts of trial and error - YES. Angels and Demons are indeed very real, and humans can interact with them when following certain steps. The slash marks cut into my arm could have been evidence of some type of alien abduction, or an intervention from a "demonic" entity. It was a few months later that I would begin working on evoking the Demonic Kings of hell using ancient ritualistic magick. Sounds a little crazy, when I re-read what I just typed, but hey - welcome to 2021. Back in the day I would've been burned alive for the things I practice behind closed doors, but now - i'm able to blog about it instead. LOL. I don't work with demons because i'm evil - or - believe that THEY are evil. I like to see the demonic kings of hell as "misunderstood".

If the bible got it right, then the demons used to be angels. My goal is to carry out a form of rehabilitation for these "fallen" spirits. I leverage my work with the arch angels and use the passwords for the gatekeepers to sort of "work in the shades of grey". Each demon has a specific skill set and rank in "hell". Their rank is a reflection of their overall power and control over other spirits. I came up with a task list and appointed a specific demon to help me accomplish a certain goal. I have two Egregore spirits who replaced my guardian angel - as well as - contracts open with six demonic kings of hell. The items on my altar are a reflection of the work I do with these 8 spirits. The future I am trying to manifest will be a proof of concept that demons can, "do good work".

The idea is - If I can influence the public and create positive energy, then the demons are obviously not as evil as they are portrayed. I give these spirits daily offerings to show them my respect. There really isn't anything to fear, except for ignorance. Imagine having the ability to control spirits, but you live your whole life oblivious to your own power. BUT ANYWAY. I said it would be a long story short and this entire article has been about demons so far, lol. If you take a look at the gallery below, you'll see the recap of photos I posted during this past week.

You guys get a behind the scenes look at the layout of the room. I end the gallery with some screenshots of the new home page layout and photos of my christmas tree. The last few photos are of the altar space, and some books I was looking through. Stay tuned for more updates, and again - thanks for checking in. Dont forget to check out the stories on social media that are updated daily!

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December 8th - December 14th (Recap)


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