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Daimonic Ink

Updated: May 28, 2022

Three new brands, launched three months into the new year - I'm on a roll! I purchased all sorts of tattoo equipment back in October of 2021, about 5 months ago.

I practiced with the gear only once or twice to test it, then found myself busy with the Robot Panda grind. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I decided it was finally time to launch the new brand! Daimonic Ink is my attempt at diversifying my income stream by focusing on body art. The more I practice, the more I realize I probably should've started doing this YEARS ago. Knowing well established tattoo artists made me hesitant to jump into the industry at first - but then realized, its irrelevant. I plan to create a solid circle of tattoo clients who want to collect art from me as I progress on my journey as an artist.

I have 25 designs that I'm tattooing on silicone skin for practice. I plan to document the whole process and post it on Instagram. Im still contemplating building out a

portfolio page for the tattoo work on this website. Since it is the newest brand to join the syndicate, there are still some things I need to work out. I'm hoping I can make a decent amount of progress on these tattoo stencils in the coming weeks. I hope to be able to tattoo my first designs on real flesh, sometime in April or May. The plan is to have my private tattoo studio open and ready for booking be the end of spring (around the same time people will be getting their tax refund checks). Once I play catch up with content management for the other brands I launched earlier this year - plan to see updates for Daimonic Ink! This brand will transition to the front of the line in the coming weeks. Thinking about the business plan, made me realize the importance of developing a THIRD volume for our magazine.

Whenever I have clients come by, I could hand them the recent volume of the magazine. I would use this new volume to talk about the updates on the new brands, as well as refine the story of the business. I have a few ideas to showcase "godly villains" and wanted to make the new magazine volume reflect that vision.


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