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Daily Rituals

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Finally, after a couple of days of writing - I can finally get to THIS article. My work as an ordained minister, specializing

in demonology - has been an interesting journey.

When I first started down this path, I thought that demons were the enemy and that their sole purpose was to cause pain, misfortune and chaos. Let me be the first to tell you, I was wrong. In my personal experience, working with demons has been the exact opposite of what I previously mentioned. Demonology is the study of demons or beliefs about demons, and the hierarchy of demons. They may be nonhuman, separable souls, or discarnate spirits which have never inhabited a body.

Christians label all demons as being evil, but they are only one religion of about eight that acknowledge their existence. Some religions break demons down into five categories, while German Orientalists have demons

classified into ten groups. The point i'm trying to make, without getting too technical - is that demons have a certain image depending on which lens you choose to look at them through.

Literally, demonology is the science of demons and their actions. The word ‘daimon’ is Greek and simply means a supernatural being, or a lesser divinity. In classical ancient Greece ‘daimones’ were perceived as guardian spirits, or as either good or evil spirits who try to influence the human psyche. However, in Christian theology, demons were always considered evil, whereas angels were thought to serve as God’s messengers or agents.

Theologically, demonology was based upon numerous references in the Bible, both in the ancient Jewish tradition and in the New Testament. A belief in spirit beings was fairly universal, as was a belief in related phenomena such as inspiration, spirit possession, and the struggle against possession by exorcism. Archaic religious systems such as shamanism were based on communication with spirits or spirit helpers.

Between 1500 and 1660 the medieval concept of demonology remained largely intact. It was shaped by St Augustine’s (354–430) idea that interactions between demons and humans were based on a contract, either explicit or implicit. This assumption was inspired by Roman law which viewed contracts as being mutually binding agreements.

I've spent the past week reconstructing the contracts I have with the six demonic kings, Paimon, Vine, Purson, Balam, Zagan and Beleth. The idea was to picture the future on an alternate timeline, and find the key details that stood out.

Then, each detail was meticulously reverse engineered, and broken down into task lists. These lists were appointed to various demons depending on their special abilities.

Daily rituals are conducted for the group of spirits as a whole, as well as a spotlight offering for a specific entity each day. Some of the ritualistic offerings come in the form of light, fire, incense, water, and artificial vampire blood to act as a synthetic form of real life force energy. Actions and acknowledgement are carried out multiple times per day, every single day. There isn't a moment that passes, when they are not on my mind.

The Devil's Diary is a category on the robot panda website that features behind the scenes content and narration from the company's CEO. (Steven Sanchez)

Remember, that the Evolution of Consciousness, is a Revolution against Fear. Do not regard a subject as invalid, just because you lack wisdom to understand. We must learn the forbidden knowledge, to free ourselves from mental constraints.

TONS of updates here on the website, click around - share some articles with your friends, and see you all in the next post! This world is the playground for the fallen, we are god's unwanted children. Thanks for reading; this is Agent 9 aka Panda reporting live from the battlefield in the 3rd dimension.


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