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Create Astral Temples

Astral Temple: is a place on the astral plane or in the imagination created by force of will and visualization. It is created as a location in the 4th dimensional thought realm that is represented on the physical plane by a magician’s actual temple.

When a person consciously projects into the astral plane, traveling to a location that is familiar can be used as a place of refuge in case of attack or perceived danger. This is also the perfect place to summon spirits and hold meetings with entities who reside in higher dimensions. If you were to close your eyes, you would be able to most likely visualize your bedroom. You can see your bed, the door, the light switch, etcetera. This room that you are seeing, essentially is a temple embedded within your mind. You can use this room for ritual, to cast spells, or simply as a quiet place to escape to. When I first began learning how to Astral Project, I would lay flat on my back in bed at night and go to work designing my temple in my mind. Visualize your temple and begin to create it brick by brick. What does the surrounding area look like? Are you in a sacred meadow embedded deep in the forest? Is the temple surrounded by high stone walls? One thing I did early on that helped me with the design process is I visualized the entrance to my temple as my bedroom.

As I lay in bed, I would visualize getting up and walking to the door in my mind. Instead of the door opening up into the hallway and leading me through the rest of the house, it was a portal to the entrance of this 4th dimensional temple. As you walk through the door, make adjustments as you go. Visualize the walls, the floor, the lighting. You can change the style as you see fit as long as you make sure to visit it at least twice a month. If you fail to travel to your temple, the construct will fold in on itself becoming destroyed and ceasing to exist.

This temple is built out of mental energy and is held together using frequency and attention. The better you can visualize the details of the construct, the more real it becomes in the 4th dimension. I installed the program “The Sims 4” on my desktop computer to help me design my temple. It has helped me solidify the energetic structure of the building. Since its initial construction, it has grown to three levels with 8 different altars and 2 ritual rooms.

I also created a military style complex next door to my temple to act as a housing unit for the 23 spirits I have been working with. I try to travel to this temple daily, and if not, at least twice per week. It is here, that I’ve been able to consult with the demonic kings who are now serving as generals on my council, Ekklesia. When Jesus met with his disciples one night, he inquired how others were identifying him. Peter responded, confessing Jesus as “the Christ, the Son of God”. Jesus blessed his apostle and declared that upon this “rock” he would build his church. The Greek term for “church” is Ekklesia, which is found 114 times in the New Testament. The word is employed in four senses.

  1. It represents the body of Christ worldwide, over which the Lord functions as head.

  2. The expression can refer to God’s people in a given region.

  3. Frequently, it depicted a local congregation of Christians.

  4. It could also signify a group of the Lord’s people assembled for worship.

This term would become the name of my council of spirits and would be the “rock” that I would construct Solomon’s new temple upon. It would be home to spirits of both ends of the spectrum. Angels and Demons were welcome to intermingle in peace. We would work together and contact alien lifeforms for guidance in carrying out the Draconian will. The mission would be to merge the realms of the dark and the light, to usher in a new age of peace and prosperity. Chaos would be essential, but would be followed by a new order and society of highly enlightened individuals.

I began to see myself develop the consciousness of a monk, and the mentality of a warrior. I used to want to save the world and thought organizations like the Illuminati and the Babylonian Brotherhood were evil. In actuality, they’re just doing their part as pawns in the game of life. I wasn’t interested in the playing the game, I wanted to meet the grand architect of it all. I wanted to find the true God, the entity who designed this Matrix and the universe. One night in April 2018, I ascended into my astral temple and held a meeting between the spirits. I asked them to show me what the future holds for humanity. As I sat back and watched the fire consume the planet, I noticed the masses fought for their oppressors.

They held dogma and dated principles to heart, refusing to understand the true mechanics that reality is built upon. For some reason, the masses did not want to ascend. The fake reality that was programmed into the minds of people across multiple generations was so deep; they refused to digest the truth. The vision ended and I found myself back at the long conference table in my temple. It was so quite I could hear a pin drop. As I looked around at the faces of these angels, demons and ancient gods, I began processing that humanity may be doomed. I needed to find my place in the battle between worlds as we enter the final stages of this new world order. How was I supposed to save a world that didn’t want to be saved?


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