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Cars & Culture Meet

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

It's been years since I've taken photos at a car meet. Recently with the relaunch of Elevate TV and the development of the second online season, I was looking for content ot produce. I figured it would be best to go back to my roots, planted deep in the car scene. The photos in the gallery below are a few shots I took while roaming around the Car's and Culture meet, earlier last month. Sorry it took me so long to drop the photos, I've been busy producing

the new episodes of the show. Ideally, I would like the get photos online within a week from the actual event. So again, Thank you all for the patience! There were a few cars that really stood out parked in that lot, but I'll let you guys pick your favorites! I recently watched a video on youtube of a car meet being help in Tokyo. In that video, I saw alot of cars with graphic designed vinyl wraps. The blue car above, nailed the design, vibe and layout perfectly. Not to mention how deep the dish is on those rims. A++ all around! There was a decent mix and variety of makes and models at this show. From Imports to Muscle, there was something there for everyone. It was cool seeing the different groups come together to share the same passion, CARS. They were able to extend the park and chill for another hour and ended around 10pm instead of 9pm. I arrived on location

about 8pm, and made my rounds really quick taking photos. There were no police cars that came around at all during the session, and everyone seemed to have a pretty good time checking out the cars that showed up. I handed out a few business cards, and made my way to the merch table to watch them draw winners for their raffle. If you haven't seen Elevate TV Season 2 - Episode 2 yet, check it out! There's footage from this car meet in the second half of the episode! I'm looking forward to covering a few more car sessions before the winter comes. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to add the Instagram Accounts below on social media! Thanks for tuning in, and see you all next time! More articles dropping in a few days!


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