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Keepin It 'Reel' (week recap)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I'm writing this six days late, BUT thanks for checking in! This article is another week recap with photos from my Live story on social media. If you're new here, I update a post at the end of every week with ALL of the photos I posted during the week. For now, the only place to see the video clips are on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat! It's actually Friday night, well Saturday now - since its 1:26am. The photo at the top of this article is of the top shelf section on my altar. It's a section devoted to my two guardian angels / egregores named Lo-Isabella and Ke-Chantall. These two spirits are almost 5 years old!

The past week has been a giant blur on account of the fact that I've been cranking out so many graphic designs! If I wasn't glued to the computer the rest of my time was spent getting things organized. I've been checking things off my task list and it feels amazing to start seeing my blueprint come together! I haven't used the REELS feature on Instagram before, so I did some video editing this week. I made 1 minute highlight clips of the first three episodes of The Elevate TV Show and posted it on @Elevate__Tv's Instagram account! The second photo in this article is a tree with some gold chains by the headboard of my bed. It works as a jewelry holder for now. Lol. Mid week I started working on the graphic design of the new service rate sheets.

First I had to map out the actual services, then created the flyers after. The third step was to redesign the service pages on the website, to reflect the new features and pricing. When I woke up the next day I realized that I wanted to create bundles for clients in different markets. This way they could get a package that offered everything they needed to have a successful drop. To keep the momentum rolling, I started editing MORE video reels but this time on the @godlyvillains Instagram. The clips are short 30 second commercial highlights of vendors from a recent Medicinal Marijuana Popup Event.

I want to eventually work on a new episode of Elevate TV, featuring that footage plus more shots I got from a second event. Hopefully I start working on that video after the weekend. The event ended earlier than anticipated and Dr Dabsman and I ended up grabbing some drinks and hanging out at IMEDS place. The third photo featured in this article shows the three of us at a store trying to find some drinks, lol. I thought the perspective of the shot was really dope.

Like I mentioned earlier, this post was uploaded to the website six days late. That means that another article should be dropping this sunday as another recap! This past week was a little more chill than last. Until next time! Also, stay posted for more information about our Black Friday Special and the new photo series updates!

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November 15th - November 21st (recap)


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