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Turning Thirty Three

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

In a few days I'll be turning 33! Im behind on writing and today, in my current timeline, it's actually September 23rd. I was able to get three weeks of writing done in one sitting! That's PROGRESS!

I just wish I was able to do this a few weeks ago, BUT the plus side is that you're almost up to date on what's going on! Just a few weeks behind! The cover photo above shows behind the scenes, developing a new website. I've got stuff open on three screens = chaos.

I've been using the projector more than usual lately. I just got done binge watching a few shows. When I find the time in the future, I think i'd really enjoy reviewing movies and shows I've watched.

If I personally ever got into the podcasting scene, talking about films would prob be my go to. In the next few weeks I eventually move the stuff around in the living room again. In my current timeline, it's actually September 23rd 2022.

I was sitting at the desk in my home office, trying to catch up on writing when I was attached by a swarm of flies. It felt like a scene out of the exorcist. I would kill one fly, and two more would pop up. After chasing them around and finally delivering the swat of death... ANOTHER one would pop up. Like NO LIE, I lost count after killing 26 flies. Like where the hell did they all come from? .... Hell?

The cruiser has come a long way since I first got it a year ago. Actually, now that I think about it - it's crazy that it's been a whole year and it hasn't blown up yet! Lol. In my ownership, it's gotten new brakes, a new clutch, a muffle delete with straight pipes, windows tinted, head lights and tail lights tinted, and I matte blacked the hood after installing yellow fog lights.

I also installed a new shift knob and leather shift boot. The miles per gallon is terrible to be honest. For a four cylinder engine, I assumed I would be getting like 29mpg. Combined, street and highway I'm getting about 22 on a good week. This week was more so about getting a bunch of work done, before my upcoming vacation time.

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TONS of updates here on the website, click around - share some articles with your friends, and see you all in the next post! This world is the playground for the fallen, we are god's unwanted children. Thanks for reading; this is Agent 9 aka Panda reporting live from the battlefield in the 3rd dimension.


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