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Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Astronauts – Refers to the idea that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistoric times. This contact is believed to have influenced the development of modern cultures, religion, technology and even human biology.

In the Old Testament, Chapter 1 of the Book of Ezekiel, a story is told about a vision where Ezekiel sees “an immense cloud” that contains fire and emits lightning and “brilliant light”. “The center of the fire looked like glowing metal, and in the fire was what looked like four living creatures”. In essence, what Ezekiel was trying to describe was a space ship. More exact, he was speaking about a space probe, most likely sent to survey the land by a mother ship, situated higher up in Earth’s atmosphere. Later in the bible, characteristics of the Ark of the Covenant have also been said to possess high technology, perhaps from alien origins. Some theories have circulated that the concept of hell in the Bible could be a real description of the planet Venus, brought to Earth by extraterrestrials, showing photos of the hot surface.

Proponents of the hypothesis state that ‘God’ and ‘Satan’ were aliens that disagreed on whether or not human beings should be allowed the information that is offered by the “tree of knowledge.” Who were these beings, and did they have a role in human evolution over hundreds of thousands of years?

How did it all start and what is the true genesis story of Homo-Sapiens?

The story starts four hundred thousand years ago with an advanced race of beings named the Anunnaki. They sent space probes to our planet to seek out natural resources that were scarce on their home, Nibiru. After finding an abundance of gold, diamonds and other precious metals, they sent ships to survey the lifeforms that lived on the land. At the time there were various species of humanoids that were naturally evolving from apes. The mission objective of the Anunnaki was to mine these natural resources and send them back to their home planet. They needed these minerals to repair the damaged and failing atmosphere of Nibiru. After nearly one hundred thousand years of carrying out the hard labor on their own, a revolt nearly broke out within their ranks. They began studying the natural development of the species on earth. Ancient texts speak of the Anunnaki’s six attempts to create modern humans by combining their DNA with the early Neanderthals. The goal was to turn this new species into a slave race to work on their farms and in their gold mines. They upgraded our genetic code but unplugged majority of our DNA strands to maintain control over us. Homo-Sapiens were to be kept separate from these gods, like a domesticated animal. Capable of gene manipulation technology, the Anunnaki implanted the ape-woman's egg into surrogate Anunnaki maidens. Enki and his sister Ninharsag, genetically engineered an ape-woman to create a replacement laborer (EVE). There was a great cultural taboo against sharing any of their sacred information with humanity, even things such as writing and mathematics.

The Anunnaki began forcing the humans that they created, to work in the gold mines for roughly fifty thousand years before leaving Africa. As the humans began to multiply, they were relocated to an area commonly referred to as, “The Garden of Eden”. Enki continued his genetic research for another sixty thousand years, refining the genetic code through the generations. The Neanderthals would become extinct and the Anunnaki’s creation would begin to dominate the region. As the Anunnaki were entering the final stage of their operation a decision had to be made of what to do with the species they created. The two choices were to either destroy the humans, or allow them to naturally evolve on their own. This would potentially allow us to become as powerful as or more powerful than our creators. Tribes began to form, and small settlements were flourishing. A revolution began and the people started to fight back against these alien overlords. Enki wanted to help the humans evolve in consciousness while his brother Enlil voted for our destruction. Unable to come to a decision, the Toba Volcano erupted causing a volcanic winter for ten consecutive years. The super volcanic eruption would take nearly one thousand years to cool down, killing over one hundred thousand humans. With the population dropping down to only three thousand homo-sapiens, the Anunnaki relocated us to the planet Mars. This would be our new home for twenty five thousand years, carrying out another major mineral excavation. There have been temple complexes and pyramids recently discovered on Mars’ surface proving that an ancient race once lived there. Up until twelve thousand years ago, Mars had an abundance of water and was habitable for humans.

A nuclear war broke out as another alien species attempted to rescue humanity from the Anunnaki overlords. The massive explosions damaged the planet’s atmosphere. Nearly one million humans would be transported back to earth with the help of this other alien species known as the Lyrans. The massive escape vessel was damaged in the war and lost control upon entry into Earth’s atmosphere. This is commonly known as the comet that struck earth around 11,000 BC that killed off the reptilian dinosaurs. Humanity would prove to the galactic councils, our resilience and ability to persevere. Back on our home planet, the survivors of the crash would construct a massive temple complex in honor of our since forgotten saviors. Gobekli Tepe, is the world’s oldest discovered temple that the ancients used as an observatory and for worship. Humans would be left alone to naturally rebuild their new civilization. We constructed our first city, “Jericho” and the population slowly rose to five million. Cultures spread out and began trading goods with each other. We began using metal and entered into the Bronze Age.

Six thousand years after constructing our first temple, the Anunnaki would return to earth to claim their previous position as our gods. For the next thousand years we would live side by side with these beings as multiple empires rose and the population of humans grew to over 14 million. Large pyramids would be built around the world in worship of these alien dieties.

Four thousand years ago there was a pole shift that caused the rapid melting of massive glaciers. This created tremendous flooding as the water rose to nearly 400ft in some areas. All cities were destroyed except for Egypt. Majority of the Anunnaki left the planet, while some retreated into deep caverns within the earth. Humans would spend the next millennium rebuilding and advancing their civilization once again.

Three thousand years ago (753 BCE) two demi-gods named Romulus and Remus, founded the ancient city of Rome. Blood thirsty and power driven, they would wage war with others for nine hundred years. They eventually defeated Queen Cleopatra and conquered Egypt, marking the end of the Golden Age. The Human Hybrid demi-gods of Egypt were destroyed and the Romans would use Christianity to write them off as myths.


· 400,000 years ago: Anunnaki aliens send probes to earth to scout for raw materials

· 300,000 years ago: They begin to manipulate and alter the genetic code of the DNA

· 200,000 years ago: These early forms of genetically engineered humans are put to work

· 150,000 years ago: The species is moved to a new location later known as Eden.

· 90,000 years ago: Homo-Sapiens coexists with Neanderthals in small tribes.

· 75,000 years ago: Toba Volcano erupts, reduces the population down to 3,000.

· 400000 years ago: Neanderthals go extinct making Homo-Sapiens the dominant species


· 12,500 years ago: War on mars between the Reptilian Anunnaki and the Lyrans.

· 12,250 years ago: Rescue transport ship crashes into Earth killing the dinosaurs.

· 12,000 years ago: First modern temple is created. (Gobekli Tepe)

· 6,000 years ago: Anunnaki fall from heaven and return to Earth.

· 5,000 years ago: Multiple empires rise, population on earth reaches 14 million.

· 4,800 years ago: Advanced species help the humans to construct large Pyramids

· 4,500 years ago: Pole-shift occurs causing massive flooding.

· 4,000 years ago: All cities are destroyed except for Egypt.

· 3,000 years ago: Rome is founded by two demi-gods, Romulus and Remus.

· 2,100 years ago: Roman Empire defeats Queen Cleopatra and conquers Egypt.

· 2,052 years ago: ‘Jesus Christ’ is born.

Before I dig any deeper into the teachings my egregores have revealed to me, maybe we should go back a few years. The story starts in chapter one in July 2016, right after I was arrested and placed in a holding cell. Now that we’ve briefly gone over ancient astronauts, it might be a good idea to start from the beginning. We have to go back one year and eight months from the time I pulled the gun on that guy in self-defense.


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